September 27, 2023

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Coco Gauff says it is “ready” to the levels of higher fame

Coco Gauff says it is “ready” to the levels of higher fame

The first thing Coco Goff did after leaving the stadium at Arthur Ash, with her first major cups cup, is to wear the sponsoring company shirt that announces to be a champion. So it begins.

Jouf starred in the lights of fame since she was 15 years old when she participated in the fourth round of the Wimbledon Championship, but after winning the single title in the American Open on Saturday, these lights may become blind and fame dispersed. Additional support offers – commercial photography sessions, appearance opportunities, commercial projects, investment offers and invitations will accumulate to attend social events in the first list in the near and long future.

She showed a calm maturity during the period in the eyes of the audience, and announced her willingness to face the challenge of becoming more famous and rich, even as she tries to continue to win the important championships.

“I’m ready,” said Jouf after beating Arena Sabalinka 2-6, 6-3 and 6-2. “I hug her. I know how to keep my greetings, but I also know how to accept all this around me.

The level of fame that comes with an American teenager can be amazing and stressful for some. Jouf is the first since Serena Williams won 1999 at the age of 17. Early success, fame and money overwhelmed young athletes in every sport. They may lose focus, celebrate strongly, or take advantage of the hunger that led them to their first championship, or become reckless.

This does not seem to be a problem for Jawf so far. After accepting her check for $ 3 million, Jouf thanked the Billy Jin King’s offer, which was also on the stage, for her struggle for equality for women, a gesture that showed her perspective, humor and charm, all at the same time.

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“She is very modest,” said Perry Riba, her coach, after the match. “The ethics of its work is very strong, very professional and enjoy very good ethics. Put all this together and it will improve. She can handle everything.”

Ripa was only working with Jouf, along with Brad Gilbert, since June, just before the Wimbledon Championship. Jouf’s father, Korean Jouf, asked Ripa to be a coach for his daughter this summer on a temporary basis that has always become. Coco Goff said her father recommended that Gilbert appoint. But Cori Goffs remains a steady effect and inspiration.

“The most important person for Coco in the team is the father,” Riba said. “The parents are really important to her.”

Late Saturday night, Curie Joff went out to the players ’garden, where family members and friends gathered, while Coco Jouf answered the questions at a press conference. They cheered and rushed to him carrying the coach’s cup, so he smiled with humility and distributed hugs.

In terms of tennis, the hollow still has an improvement, and it is a worrying fact for competitors. It is possible that some strength will add to its impressive rapid game, and will continue to support its front strikes, which mostly treated it before the start of the summer solid stadium.

“She still has to continue reform,” Ripa said. “There were old habits, and you should continue to clean them every day, and continue to work because it took a long time to do this in this way. But it really correctly correct.

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In the next few days, a hollow schedule may be required. She will be asked to appear in national TV programs and take pictures. She will be invited to parties. Celebrities and some of them, including former President Barack Obama, who watched the first Jouf match in the United States Open this year in Ash, will communicate Publish his congratulations Its social media on Saturday will express their admiration.

For players like Emma Radakano, who won her first championship in the United States Open two years ago, winning a great title at an early age brought her richness and fame, but he has not yet achieved a fixed tennis success. Since then, Radakano has been excluded before the third round in the five Grand Salam tournaments in which she participated after winning the American Open.

But Jouf, whose professional profits exceeded on Saturday from the individual and the husband $ 8 million, was playing in the fifth American Open Championship, and people were referring to it for years as the next great American heroine. Success did not come in a moment.

She said: “This is a great achievement, but I feel as if I had been used to that since I was 15 years old. At high school, I was studying online, and I was used to that.”

Marion Bartoli, 2013 Wimbledon champion, told Sky Sports after the match that Ras Jouf in the next few days would revolve “like a washing machine”, with all the attention and responsibilities she faces. But Ripa said that Jouf is not only ready for that.

He said: “Coco is ready for more.”

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