April 14, 2024

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Colombian businessman Alex Chap, Nicolas Maduro’s leading man extradited to the United States

Cape Verdean government officials announced the handover United States Of the Colombian businessman Alex Chop, Is said to be the leading man of the Venezuelan president. Nicolas MaduroCharged Smuggled $ 350 million.

Sources said that Saab, Detained in an African country since June 2020 He was also charged with money laundering and is already on a flight to Florida.

According to EFE, the Constitutional Court of Cape Verde The extradition of Colombians on September 7 is considered constitutional, Thursday, October 14, came into force with a firm judicial order for remand to the Attorney General’s Office.

Similarly, in a letter sent by the Ministry of Justice in Cape Verde and on Thursday, the government informed the US Embassy in Africa that Saab was executing the request and requested information on transport instructions, date and time. In which it was changed.

The handover marks the end of a long judicial journey It lasted more than a yearHis businessman was arrested on June 12, 2020 for refueling at Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the Miraflores Palace. AFP photo.

The arrest was in response to a request from the United States through Interpol, but the defense said the warning was issued after the arrest. The arrest was made against the Constitution.

However, this and all other legal efforts by Saab lawyers to stop their distribution The Cape Verdean judge had previously failed.

Therefore, with its judgment on September 7, the Constitutional Court agreed with the two lower courts, the Barcelona Court and the Supreme Court, in addition to the Cape Verdean government, which had already approved the Saab handover.

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The African country’s justice did not hear the Court of Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS) Рa group of countries belonging to Cape Verde Рthat ruled last December that experts, or the UN, should not back down from its choice when it ruled that it should grant unrestricted access to medicine. The Human Rights Commission, he put forward the same demand in June.

After his arrest, Venezuela The businessman is a Venezuelan citizen and a “Agents“Of that government”In the middle way“In Cape Verde, his lawyers argued for this.”As a special envoy from Venezuela he had the right of personal infringement“.

The name of the 49-year-old businessman has surfaced in the media, accusing former Venezuelan lawyer Louisa Ortega Diaz of leading the Venezuelan presidency in 2017.

A graffiti calls for the release of Alex Chappa, a Savista diplomat detained in Cape Verde accused of being Maduro's leading man.  AFP photo

A graffiti calls for the release of Alex Chappa, a Savista diplomat detained in Cape Verde accused of being Maduro’s leading man. AFP photo

Born in the Colombian city of Barranquilla and of Lebanese descent, Saab is associated with a number of companies, including the accused Group Grand Limited (GGL). Offer food and groceries with premium To the administration of Nicolas Maduro.

Three images of the businessman and Maduro benefited from these activities.Hundreds of millions of dollars “, According to U.S. officials.

Source: EFE