February 26, 2024

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They went on vacation, their suitcase was heavy and they decided to open it: their dog was inside

The Balance A. pointed out Surplus: Six pounds, approx Three kilograms. This fact led to a movie scene. A marriage United States Arrived at the airport to go on vacation, opened Voter Because Exceeds allowable weight And inside he saw him Pitch.

On September 26, Christie And Jared Owens They left their home Lupac -Texas- with the intent to take the plane Las Vegas. As soon as they got to the terminal, they did Check-in And a local employee Notice His luggage is said to hold extra kilos.

A shock to them

The couple thought appropriately Rearrange Suitcase, take clothes, so comply with the rules. However, when they open, the plans They changed. At that moment, இக்கி, Its Logo, It was Found: Adult Chihuahua Trapped in one of the boots Of Christ.

Heroes. Christy, Jared and Chihuahua, Iggy. Photo: Jared Owens / via Facebook.

We feel an absolute shock! We could not believe he got out of there! Then we are ashamed and surprised What should we do With little Stowe, ”Christie revealed in conversation Clarian.

She Calculate, Explained to this media, that Iggy Was Inside the luggage a Max From 30 min. Fortunately, bitch Came out unscathed Of the situation. Your photos at the airport Filled with reactions At Social Websites They also spread through the North American country’s mainstream media.

Wedding Announced To the local television station KXAS-TV The cousin ended the call to pick up Kane. After a while they boarded the plane in that direction Sin City, They continued their vacation.

Christie said Clarian The one who thought Iggy was staying Wandering Around his house, in the care of his mother Deborah. Sometimes, when making a suitcase, the animal Entered the opening: they said They did not notice.

“How come they didn’t realize the dog was missing before they went to the airport?”

– She knows Hide naturally, Daily. It’s like the “old lady” being alone Our messy house. We have three dogs, a rabbit, tons of fish and above all, two small children. இக்கி Never seeking attention, And Keeps hidden In a blanket or pile of clean clothes. Does not appear when calling, You have to search for it.

The family adopted the dog 2016. “We think you have some 10-12 years. (…) We found out Wandering To my surroundings, Very skinny, covered in dirt and ticks. My 3 year old son asked us to stay with her. (…) Since then, Be a part of our family“, The owner commented Clarian.

Along with Jarrett.  Adopted in 2016 by Iggy couple.  Photo: Jared Owens / via Facebook.

Along with Jarrett. Adopted in 2016 by Iggy couple. Photo: Jared Owens / via Facebook.

Who knows the next hideout of Chihuahua? There is no certainty. But Christie and Jarrett are sure of one thing: next time They double check your luggage.

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