March 27, 2023

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Conflict Russia – Ukraine, minute by minute | Russian troops enter Chevrolet Donetsk and approach the whole of Luhansk

At least 6 people were killed and 20 wounded in a Ukrainian attack in Donetsk

At least six people were killed this Monday in a new artillery attack by the Ukrainian army on Donetsk.Officials from the pro-Russian separatist region where the city is located said.

Donetsk Mayor Alexei Kulemzin said Among the victims was a 13-year-old boy And that A further 20 people were injured in the attack and three schools were damaged.

According to Gulems, The Ukrainian military may have used US-provided artillery for the attack.

Pro-Russian separatists have been in control of territories in both provinces since 2014, when they declared “People’s Republics” recognized by Russia just days before the start of the war.

Prior to the war, the UN estimated that about 14,000 people had died in Donbass during artillery attacks and fighting against separatist-held cities by the Ukrainian military for eight years.

Russia is developing a gas-like mechanism to repay its debt in foreign currency

This was stated by Russian Deputy Finance Minister Anton Siluvanov The government plans to implement a system similar to the one charged for gas supplies to pay off its dollar sovereign debt.In order to avoid sanctions for the war with Ukraine.

The official explained Russia in an interview with the economic daily Vedomosti Provides holders of its Eurobonds to adopt a payment method that ignores Western financial infrastructure.

Russia has offered to open an account in dollars or euros to its gas buyers at its third largest bank, Gazprombank..

The importer pays for the gas in dollars or euros and then asks the bank to convert it into rubles.

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The organization was set up by President Vladimir Putin to avoid the risk of freezing dollar payments and seizing them as part of Western sanctions against Russia for occupying Ukraine.

Car bomb blast in Melitopol blames Ukrainian government

Two civilians were injured in a car bomb blast in Melitopol.The city, located in the southern Ukrainian province of Saporizhia, was reportedly set up by Russian authorities.

This is the cynical act of terrorism of the Kiev regimeIt was launched against the public with the aim of intimidating the residents of our city, “said Mayor Kalina Donilshenko, who promised that the investigation had begun.

Melitopol officials described At 8 a.m., a car bomb exploded, injuring two volunteers who were distributing humanitarian aid..

Melidopol was captured by Russian forces in the first days of the offensive that began on February 24 in Ukraine.

On March 11, Ukrainian Mayor Ivan Fedorov was detained by Russian troops a few days before being released. The pro-Russian administration was later established in the city.

“This is a terrible situation, and the people of Melidopol do not want to know anything about this Kiev power. We can not use the Kiev regime with the idea that we want to live a new life, a peaceful life,” the mayor said.

Netflix is ​​no longer available in Russia

Stage Netflix is ​​no longer available in Russia. As of Friday, the streaming company Withdraw from the market as part of sanctions imposed on the country from the war with Ukraine.

“This is the culmination of the withdrawal from the Russian market,” a Netflix spokesman said, explaining that the company had been waiting until the end of the billing period to complete service to its customers.

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Netflix is ​​the world leader in streaming sites, with 221.8 million subscribers by the end of 2021, although its presence in Russia was low.

The company said in a letter to its shareholders in April Would have lost about 700,000 subscribers, The fall of the company’s first global subscribers in a decade.

The Russians enter Severdonetsk, the last city they do not control in Lukansk

The Russian army has already entered the city of Chevrodonetsk and “fighting in the streets” inside the city is of uncontrollable importance, with troops sent by Moscow to the eastern Ukrainian region of Lugansk. Country, Regional Governor Sergei Haidai said.

“Fighting is already going on in the streets of Chevrodonetsk. The enemy is advancing,” the governor promised, adding that three doctors who had been traveling around the city in a vehicle as volunteers had gone missing.

As he explained, “almost one hundred percent of the city’s vital infrastructure has been destroyed, while 90 percent of the houses are damaged, 60 percent of which are in dilapidated condition.”

The governor added, “The city is full of Russian corpses, the streets are burning – this will lead to the development of epidemics in the future.”

Missiles against the Odessa region

The Russian military, which has centered its offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine, has been conducting periodic missile launches in the coastal city of Odessa, west of the country, again damaging several infrastructures along the Dnieister River. , Near the Black Sea.

Russian troops launched two missile strikes, striking a road and a railway bridge. According to local Ukrainian agencies, both infrastructures have already been damaged in previous attacks.

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Ukraine condemns torture of its captured soldiers

The liberated Ukrainian soldiers captured by the Russians have been condemned by the invaders for being tortured and mistreated, and some of them have been forced to have sex, the Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova has condemned.

According to the Interfax-Ukrainian agency, the methods of torture were used with particular brutality against officers of the Armed Forces and militants of the Azov Regiment, which last opposed the siege of the coastal city of Mariupol.

“During a visit to one of the health facilities released by the Ukrainian army from prison, they reported that they had been tortured and mistreated by the occupiers,” Denisova added.