September 27, 2023

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Corsair’s first standing desk is a massive, expandable all-in-one desk

Corsair’s first standing desk is a massive, expandable all-in-one desk

There are desks with enough room to put a coffee next to your laptop without the risk of it spilling over the edge, and then there are desks big (and intricate) enough that you can practically open your coffee stand. Next Corsair platform: 6 modular computer desks It falls firmly into the latter category thanks to its six-foot-wide deck, an additional two- and three-foot extensions and more customizable options.

Corsair’s Platform:6 is a good option if you want a wide variety of features all from the same place – without having to dig into parts from different companies. Seriously, this office might as well team up with Hasbro and learn to defend the planet because it would be a perfect fit. It seems to have something for gamers, streamers, and creators alike, with the latter group getting flexible mounts for whatever 3D printing accessories they want. You may want to use it. The flagship Platform:6 Creator Edition also exclusively introduces the new Elgato Multi Frame top-mount plate for mounting anything from cameras to controllers.

Each Platform: 6 has a modular rail system, which includes an aluminum T-beam, side rails and a top mounted rail. You can also choose to include dual electric motors for any platform: 6, and adjust the height using the LCD controller with memory presets. Plus, every desk has plenty of cord storage, including a Corsair RapidRoute cord management tray that’s large enough to hold power strips and a smaller compartment inside the desk with USB Type A and Type C charging ports.

Platform: 6 Available in sturdy black laminate or in a more classic, eco-friendly rubberwood in dark walnut. You can pick one up sometime in the fourth quarter of this year at a price that has yet to be revealed (though we’re guessing this adapter won’t come cheap).

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