February 28, 2024

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Cowboys Mike McCarthy regrets OT penalties, not 4th call

Cowboys Mike McCarthy regrets OT penalties, not 4th call

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy knows the ins and outs of Lambeau Field more than anyone, having coached for parts of 13 seasons with the Green Bay Packers.

Facing fourth and third from the Green Bay 35-yard streak in his first overtime possession on Sunday, McCarthy passed a 53-yard field goal attempt in the wind, with Duck Prescott Instead of an incomplete throw. After six plays, the Dallas Cowboys lost 31-28 to The Packers, dropping to third place in the NFC East.

“We were on the right goal line for a field goal,” McCarthy said. “Hey, to be honest with you, I thought we needed to move on. I mean I called it second, especially with the way the match was going. Big play, penalty. Big play, penalty. Big play, penalty. So Our goal was to keep playing. We’ve had good calls. I’m fine with the clear decision in the fourth and third. I just didn’t turn around.”

It was Brett Maher Making the field goal, the Packers still had a chance of winning on the next possession, and they scored touchdowns on two of their last three possession possessions.

Maher’s only errors of the season were from 59 yards twice. He said the winds changed directions during the match from pre-match warm-ups.

“Wind was definitely a factor,” Maher said. “I think I could have done a good clean ball this way, but, hey, I like calling for a win in this situation. We’re here to win games. I think that was a good call.”

McCarthy was visibly annoyed during overtime, especially after two penalties (sneaking off a wide receiver). Galen Tolbertholding on Conor McGovern) wiped out gains of 9 and 16 yards Tony Pollard While the Cowboys were marching toward a potential win.

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“I thought we were in complete control in overtime,” McCarthy said. “Obviously with penalties and things, very, very, very Frustrating. But you have to overcome these things. This group, this group of guys, hey, they have. But just disappointed for them.”

The players were disappointed with McCarthy.

A number of them said they wanted to win the game for McCarthy, who went 133-85-2 as the Packers coach and won the Super Bowl XLV. He raised his hat to the crowd after a pre-game announcement in recognition of his return, as well as nine other Cowboys assistant coaches with ties to the Packers.

“Obviously we wanted to get it for Mike,” Prescott said. “And that’s annoying we didn’t do. That is. There’s no way to color it. There’s nothing else to add. We wanted to get it for Mike but more importantly we wanted to put another brick around where we’re going and we didn’t. So we’re going to stick together. And we’re finding a way to make this team progress better.”

McCarthy, who turned 59 on Thursday, was attended by about 40 family members and friends. He arrived six hours before kick-off and was able to meet a number of people inside and outside the Packers organization. On the field, he shared a pre-match hug with former recipients Jordi Nelson and Randall CopeBeside Aaron Rodgers. after, after Mason CrosbyMcCarthy and Rodgers embraced his field-winning goal in the game once more.

In the end, McCarthy spent emotionally and doesn’t want to be remembered.

“I’m not trying to be rude,” he said. “I’m not. I’m humble, okay.”

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