March 24, 2023

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Matt Ryan makes his QB start with the Colts in head coach Jeff’s debut on Saturday

Matt Ryan makes his QB start with the Colts in head coach Jeff's debut on Saturday

Las Vegas – Just weeks after the ponies were named Sam Ellinger Midfielder at the start for the remainder of the season, Veteran Matt Ryan He returned to the starting line-up for Sunday’s game against the Raiders – a first for the team under interim coach Jeff on Saturday.

The Colts moved to Ehlinger ahead of their week eight match against the Washington leaders after Ryan suffered a shoulder separation. At the time, coach Frank Reich – who was sacked on Monday and replaced on Saturday – said the move was intended to be permanent. Sources told ESPN that owner Jim Irsai heavily influenced the decision.

But Ryan is back in training this week, and Saturday appears to have changed his mind. The decision came after Saturday, during his preliminary press conference, said Ellinger would remain the starting quarterback.

But by Friday, Saturday had begun to wane.

When asked how he came up with the decision to start Ehlinger, he said on Saturday, “I appreciate it all the time. I tell these guys, this isn’t a closed competition by any means. I’m going to put a Top 11 on that. So whatever we can do to win matches, That’s what we’re going to do. They’ve both had a great weeks of training. Sam, for a young guy, is a lively guy. He brings in a lot of pop. Matt, he goes out there too, I’m impressed. He’s been there throwing it around.”

“It’s up to me who starts in the middle,” he added Saturday, when asked about the perception that Irsay was driving the decision.

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The Colts were 0-2 with Ellinger as a start. In last week’s loss to the New England Patriots, the Colts had historically poor offensive performance, going 0-for-14 in their third defeat attempts and generating 121 total offensive yards — the lowest number since 1997.