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Crisis in UK: Around the corner, Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister but will remain in office until his successor is chosen

Crisis in UK: Around the corner, Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister but will remain in office until his successor is chosen

London – British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, He announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday. After Constant scandals and pressure from its own political environment, But He will be the head of the government till His successor was named.

Three years after coming to power with a victory, Johnson, 58, was forced to resign after more than 50 ministers resigned after conservative lawmakers called for him to go. After noon in London, and after the morning of editions, An isolated and powerless Johnson confirmed his resignation outside his Downing Street home.

“It is the desire of the Conservative Parliamentary Group to have a new leader of the party and, therefore, a new Prime Minister,” Johnson was recognized when he announced his resignation in a message to the nation in front of Number 10 Downing Street’s famous black door.

Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister

“The process of electing that new leader must begin now.” Johnson said in a brief speech. “Today I have appointed the Cabinet to serve as I see fit until a new leader is appointed,” he added.

The Conservative Party must now elect a new leader to replace Johnson in the summer, probably from October, as its leader and therefore head of government.

Resignation was not enough for his detractors. Those who say he should not be allowed to continue as caretaker prime minister He should be removed as soon as possible.

For Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer, his impending departure was “good news”, but not enough. “We need real regime change”, He said he was considering a motion of impeachment against the government to expedite the call for an early general election.

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The Conservative leader resisted calls for his government to quit after a series of ethics scandals; Finally, an episode starring a member of parliament, one of his closest officers Chris Fincher is a victim of sexual harassment. Even yesterday he rejected calls to resign and said he had a mandate from voters to stay in office. But Johnson He finally relented after more than 50 members of the government walked out of their posts and called for his resignation.

Boris JohnsonJustin Tallis – AFP

Johnson survived a no-confidence vote by his own MPs in early June, launched in an attempt to oust him from power. With the support of 211 of his 359 legislators, he retained his position, but the 148 votes against him made it clear that discontent had not stopped growing. Although the rules of the game dictated that the practice could not be repeated the following year, many were immediately called to try another maneuver against Johnson.

From the so-called “Particate” –A scandal over parties organized in Downing Street during the lockdown due to the Covid pandemic– Scandals abound around Johnson, from allegations of cronyism to irregular funding for a lavish renovation of his official residence.

A strong leader after the 2019 general election, when he won his most important Conservative majority in decades, the prime minister is now falling sharply in the polls, where a majority of Britons consider him a “liar” because of his promise to deliver on Brexit. . Indeed, the prime minister will be questioned by a parliamentary committee to determine whether he knowingly misled delegates in December when he refused to host parties that violated the Covid-19 ban.

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On the other hand there is truth He said he was not aware of the allegations against Pincher. When many asserted the opposite, Johnson declared he did not know, and later admitted to “forgetting”. However, it was recently revealed that the President was aware of these complaints before he was elevated to the party position.

Fincher resigned as Space director last week Caught two people at a private club. It produced a series of statements about past allegations against him, and changed explanations from the government about what Johnson knew at the time he was appointed.

All this panorama, added Recent election setbacksMost recently on June 23, after two midterms, Johnson believed he could no longer lead the growing number of rebels in the Conservative Party.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Eager to increase the pressure on Johnson, this week A A cataract of resignations They were a part of it More than 50 officials of the UK Government.

That night tuesdayMinisters Health, Sajid Javidand in Finance, Rishi Sunak, almost at the same time announced their respective resignations in rejection of the ongoing scandals surrounding the Prime Minister. The WednesdayA Thirty officials Lower ranks joined the resignations and a group of Cabinet members went to Downing Street to inform the Prime Minister. Should resign.

As Johnson refused, Yesterday Earlier in the morning, Secretaries of State for the Treasury also left the government. Helen Watley; security, Damian Hinds; science, George Freeman; pension, Guy Opperman; technology, Chris Philp; and courts, James CartlidgeThis hastened the Prime Minister’s decision.

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