February 29, 2024

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Cross-accusations, corruption and illegal espionage: how the crisis in the Spanish opposition was accelerated

Isabel Diaz Ayuso and PP President Pablo Casado (PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU / AFP)

The Internal struggle within the Conservative Spanish Popular Party (PP)The main opposition in Spain came to an open and general war this Wednesday Serious allegations were made between the national leadership and Isabel Diaz Ayuzo, the leader of the Madrid region.The party itself is said to have spied on the regional leader to uncover a case of alleged corruption. In order to disrupt Ayusho’s aspirations.

Associated with the current crisis Diaz Ayuzo’s struggle to lead a match in MadridOne of the long-standing demands of the party-led BJP leadership, Pablo Casado, reluctant to accept.

During the epidemics the president of the Madrid region became one of the strongholds of the ConservativesHis decision on the restrictions against Govt-19 allowed the hotel industry to maintain openings against other parts of the country, along with other decisions against the current situation. He received overwhelming popular support in the Madrid elections last May.

Isabel Diaz Ayuzo (Europe Press), President of the Madrid Community
Isabel Diaz Ayuzo (Europe Press), President of the Madrid Community

In May 2021, he received a The massive victory in the regional elections intensified calls for the party to field a candidate to replace Casado in the next Spanish general election.

After a ceasefire last Sunday following the holding of regional elections in the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon, The struggle for power within the party turned stronger than everAnd today it was implemented by the publication in various media of the corruption case involving the brother of the President of Madrid.

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That would be relevant to the case Having a contract and personal relationship between Ayusho’s brother and Private Sportive, SL Buy FFP2 and FFP3 masks at the onset of infections.

From the first hour Those who appeared in front of the press on both sides followed each other, with strong cross-cutting accusations, the first being Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martinez Almeida.Promised to start an investigation to find out if one Detects a municipal agency and removes liabilities, If so. The mayor insisted in his appearance that this was not an investigation.

PPL President Pablo Casado (Europe Press)
PPL President Pablo Casado (Europe Press)

Shortly afterwards, Thiaz Ayuzo appeared live PP and Casado accused him of plotting to discredit himself “personally and politically.” It also linked her to an “anonymous”, “without evidence” scandal and her family involvement, which was leaked to the media by a commission her brother allegedly obtained through a deal with the Madrid community.

“I can not imagine that the national leadership of my party would act so cruelly and unjustly against me.Madrid confirmed the president, who acknowledged the existence of a treaty involving his brother, however he promised “Nothing illegal”This was done while all administrations were looking for medical supplies.

“It is very painful that the leaders of your party, instead of supporting you, want to destroy you.”Sentenced.

After the appearance of PP General Secretary Thias Ayuzo, Theodore Garcia Izia has announced that the party has opened an information file against the Madrid president for serious allegations against Casado and that he considers him “almost guilty.”

Isabel Diaz Ayuzo, President of the Madrid Community, and Pablo Casado, Leader of the Popular Party (Europe Press)
Isabel Diaz Ayuzo, President of the Madrid Community, and Pablo Casado, Leader of the Popular Party (Europe Press)

PP laws are considered the most serious violations, which can lead to Suspension Communication between four and six years, The Disqualification To simultaneously represent PP or Excommunication “for expressing disloyalty to the party.”Is understood to be “any voluntary action or omission which is detrimental to the public interest of the party”.

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“This party will not tolerate any attack on dignity. The leadership that gave him everything is being brutally and unjustly attacked, ”Garcia Izia pointed out.

“You are one Good election results, but it does not exempt from honesty and loyalty”, Garcia Ezia insulted him this Thursday.

Diaz Ayuzo was Casado’s candidate for the Madrid regional governmentBut since coming to power it has become one of his main rivals and a paradox within the party in particular.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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