September 27, 2023

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Brazil: “Patriot’s Day” claimed by coup leaders ends | Controversy Unleashed by Porto Alegre’s Far Right

Brazil: “Patriot’s Day” claimed by coup leaders ends |  Controversy Unleashed by Porto Alegre’s Far Right

Porto Alegre I need a quick request. A city with a far-right politician On Patriot’s Day it had an interim life He proposed that on January 8, when a mob of coup plotters stormed Brasilia—the same as the World Social Forum. and participatory budgeting. Leonel Brizola, the PDT’s historic leader, was mayor and former president Dilma Rousseff decided to live after being arrested and tortured by the dictatorship. Former PT ministers Tarso Genro and María do Rosario and Manuela D’Ávila, president of the PCdoB, are active.

The country’s most important city is also the headquarters of the Justice and Human Rights Movement led by Zaire Krishke. Because of the thickness of its struggles, it does not deserve to be a city paralyzed by shame. A word that came into much use later Former Bolsonaro councilor Alexandre Popatra was able to impose. He resigned from his post some time ago on suspicion of embezzlement of election funds.

The institutional seriousness of paying respect to the coup leaders who took over the headquarters of Planaldo, Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) received the approval of Mayor Sebastião Melo of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB). and an ally of the far-right former president BolsonaroAlso subjected to various processes for corruption.

But this dark chapter lived by the capital of Rio Grande do Sul was closed by the STF judge, Louis Fuchs. He decided to suspend the celebration after the assembly in the capital Rio Grande do Sul last Monday. Take back the law Patriotic Municipal Festival As part of the calendar of commemoration and awareness dates of the municipality of Porto Alegre.

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The tentative approval of this strange and defiant impulse, given by a councilman who had been removed from office, put the city in the center of national news. The response from the political, trade union and cultural sectors was immediate. Maria do Rosario, federal deputy and former human rights minister, posted on X: “Victory! After that release, The mayor of Porto Alegre finally approved a law canceling Porto Alegre’s fascism-created shameful date.Honored the coup d’état implemented in Brasilia on 08/01. Let’s celebrate the victory of democracy once again!”

wrote Everton Gimenez, Vice President of the Brazilian Workers’ Unitary Confederation (CUT) of Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil de Fado The failed celebration was “an insult to Porto Alegre’s intelligence” and “another political absurdity for the fascists”. “For us, the project of Councilor Altasir Olifoni (PT), approved in June, is important, establishing that January 8 is the Day of Defending Democracy in Porto Alegre,” he recalled.

The Plinio Alexandre Zalewski Brotherhood (PEACE), which brings together intellectuals from various sectors in the city, published an important document calling for “the immediate withdrawal of the defamation”. The Liberal Party’s (PL) rejection of the 44-year-old lawyer Bobatra’s initiative crossed all social networks in Brazil. Writer and journalist Eduardo Bueno, better known as Penninha, He did it in Zolfa Kleb. In the video, which is between information and humor, he considers the former councilor a “disgusting Bolsonarista”, saying, “Porto Alegre is a hole, the front of backwardness, a miserable city, a ridiculous place, the place where I was born. I love so much … I recognized the patriotic-idiot day . .. “.

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The ideologue of the project has no history of fraud due to the irregular management of his party’s funds in 2020. For this reason, his mandate as councilor was revoked by the Territorial Electoral Tribunal (TRE). In addition, Popatra was condemned by Bruna Rodríguez, an Afro-Brazilian state representative and president of the Porto Alegre PCdoB. Her combat partner, Manuela D’Vila, expressed her solidarity with her and asserted that she had committed “gender political violence”. The characteristics of a misogynist, coup leader and defendant accused of corrupting public funds complete the profile of those former Bolsonaro officials now on trial.

He Patriot’s Day That provoked so much rejection that it was approved in commissions without being dealt with in a full session of the debate committee. When Mayor Sebastião went to Melo’s area, he remained silent, allowing the approval deadline to expire. The vacuum left Hamilton Sosmeier, the head of the local assembly, free rein to pay tribute to the coup leaders who took over key government institutions on January 8.

Encouraged by some members of the security forces, the public vandalized the installations and objects of the Presidential Palace and were condemned by the Office of the Public Prosecutor for various offences. Most serious: An attempted coup against President Lula’s government. About 1,390 of them were charged and many are still in custody. Bolsonaro called for the release of his supporters, describing them as “good people”.

The degree of mysticism and radicalism of the plan approved in Porto Alegre and carried out for a few days is evident in one of its most important passages: “Brazil is facing a dangerous process of destruction of patriotism. Attack vanguards are as diverse as newspapers, globalist institutions, universities and militant culture.

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Today it is already a grim memory for a city that had a legacy of struggles in the past, and was a refuge or destination for many who were persecuted by the South Korean dictatorship within the framework of the Condor project. Porto Alegre dismissed the coup attempt as being thrown into the dustbin of history at this point, and the date it tried to prove.