May 22, 2024

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Daniela Celis went to a wholesaler, filled up several sangitos, and revealed how much she had spent.

Daniela Celis went to a wholesaler, filled up several sangitos, and revealed how much she had spent.

Daniela Celis She divides her time between taking care of her twins, Laya and Aimee, with her partner Diego Medina, her work responsibilities in television and regular household chores. One of them was a trip to the supermarket and several hours agoEx Brother She showed off her purchases for the month with a video she shared on Instagram with her more than two million followers.

On this occasion, “Pestanela” chose a wholesaler and filled several monkeys with her sister. As she left the shopping floor, the beauty decided to consult her fans “Purchase of the month, how much did I spend on you?”Following the series of images you can see various products like yogurt, noodles, flour, tomato paste, jams, wipes, toilet paper and a box of liquid laundry detergent.

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(Photo: Instagram / danielacelis01)

Along with the release, Dani posted an answer box, encouraging people to come up with an approximate number. networking, While some netizens criticized the move, Celis prided herself on her purchasing power. Others, perhaps, shared the expenses between Dani and her sister Her most loyal followers defended her because children generate a lot of expenses and if it is a monthly purchase, the amount is very reasonable.

Daniela Celis breaks down in tears and talks about her crisis as a new mother: “I’m different”

Daniela Celis Three months after the twins were born, she burst into tears. Through social networks, ex-participant Brother He opened his heart and talked about it Crisis That goes As a first time mother.

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“Today I share with you that I am fine A small part of my realityand which none or few see,” he wrote Influencer Before sharing a video of him being seen on his Instagram profile Her eyes are teary And the makeup faded.

After Aim And Laya Falling asleep, Daniela recorded herself on her cell phone and revealed: “I cry silently so that no one notices, so that no one wakes up. This is what mothers do all their lives. You go into crisis and die. And he assured: “This too is real.”

Posted on social networks by Daniela Celis. (Photo: Instagram/danielacelis01)

“A few days ago I felt bad and everything was difficult for me I collapsed as a first time mother. “I found myself in a situation out of my comfort zone,” she explained in another post. “I am very satisfied at home with Diego, mother and family. But I’m human too, I look different, I feel different, it’s new to me as a first timer.“, he pointed out.

“What a world lies behind mother”Daniela reflected. She told her followers why she decided to share this situation she experienced: “My intention was to be honest with you and show you the good and the bad, but I didn’t have the courage at the time.”

Finally, he posted another video of himself getting ready to leave his house. “We are putting on makeup now. Just to make sure nothing happened. Nobody finds anything here, life goes on”, he revealed.