March 27, 2023

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Danielson beats Guevara again, but at a price

Danielson beats Guevara again, but at a price

AEW was releasing two out of the three Falls between Brian Danielson and Sami Guevara that took place on November 9. dynamite As a rematch of the “classic” two weeks ago.

This may have been a bit of a promotional exaggeration, but this rivalry turned out to be one of the long-running feuds between Blackpool Fight Club/The Jericho Appreciation Society.

In this, Guevara sacrificed the first fall for an opportunity to harm the American Dragon. Referee Bryce Remsburg called the bell after Sammy through a chair in Danielson’s face.

The Spanish god then attacked Ayn Brián with a microphone before ringing the bell again to start the second.

Tay Melo’s man had a proven win at that with GTH for the injured Danielson, who also appeared to have broken his nose at one point.

Milo was eventually knocked out by Remsburg for pulling him out of the ring to prevent him from counting three on Guevara. The decisive fall saw the momentum swing back and forth. Sami escaped the LeBell lock by reaching for the ropes, and responded by locking up the Liontamer. Bryan forced the break into it and got back with Busaiku’s knee, but chose to impose more punishment instead of going to the pin…a decision that paid him off in exchange for Sammy who fired again with a DDT from the ropes. But his attempt to follow through with the guard got nothing but knees, and when Danielson cornered Guevara’s arms while applying the surrender terminator, Sami had no choice but to verbally click.

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The dragon has some momentum heading towards it full lungeROH World Title 4way. But he also has a spiky-looking left eye.

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