April 17, 2024

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Dead Cells developer shows off gameplay for the next game

Dead Cells developer shows off gameplay for the next game

picture: Movement twin

In the windthe next match from Dead cells Developer Motion Twin gave players a first look at the high-speed gameplay. the Roguelet's work It was first announced in Game Awards 2023 With a neat reveal trailer, but didn't show much of what it would actually be like to play. The latest trailer gets straight to the action, and it looks promising.

in the beginning, In the windIt's two minutes long Gameplay trailer It makes it look very similar to titles we've seen in the action genre. With colorful isometric style and very fast action you see The player characters are walking around the screen, it's hard not to think about that Hades, the award-winning 2020 game that has become the de facto ideal of the genre. We see the player character using multiple weapons including swords, spears, and guns, which should allow players to experience different styles of combat – also reminiscent of Hades And other rugelites. And based on this first look at gameplay, combat should be tight and satisfying, just like in the game Dead cells. Talking to computer gamesas mentioned by Motion Twin devil may cry And Bayonetta As main influences.

Movement twin

There's also a lot of action going on in the trailer, with the protagonist moving back and forth across battlefields with flashes of blue light. logo for In the wind It's “dash, die, repeat”, so it looks like the dash will be one of the most important maneuvers for players to master. Dashing seems like it will make the game feel fast, like it's really fast. It seems so In the wind She'll focus on speed and mobility, which can add a layer of fun and frenetic energy to her combat.

but In the wind It has a lot more to offer than just being another roguelite. One of the biggest attractions of the game is that it has three-player co-op gameplay that allows you to take on its ever-changing challenges with friends. This feature is similar to summoning help from other players to deal with powerful enemies Soul games. It's a neat twist on the genre that can help In the wind stand out. The trailer for the game did not announce an official release date but confirmed that the game will be in Early access On Steam sometime this year.

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