December 3, 2023

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Dead & Company fans are frustrated after sitting for hours at a jam, and missing the show at Star Lake

Dead & Company fans are frustrated after sitting for hours at a jam, and missing the show at Star Lake

BIRGETSTOWN, Pennsylvania (KDKA) — A concert in Star Lake is called a disaster after people waited hours in traffic before giving up and going home.

It was supposed to be a fun time inside Star Lake to see Dead & Company, but for many people, they didn’t even get in the gate because Route 22 and Route 18 were so backed up some people sat in over five hours of traffic.

A fan-made video shows the traffic nightmare.

“I’ve never seen chaos like this anywhere, and I’ve been driving in L.A. traffic. I’ve been driving in D.C. traffic. I spent my youth driving through the Fort Pitt tunnel at rush hour,” said Jennifer Cuse.

She waited about four and a half hours before telling him to pull over and go home.

“It was a real disaster,” Koss said via Zoom.

Everyone KDKA-TV spoke to left early to beat the traffic, but once they got within a few miles of Star Lake, there was a parking lot.

“It was fun,” said Cristian Fernandez. “It was horrible.”

In some cases, people abandoned their cars along the road and started walking to see the parade. They simply pulled their cars off the road or into people’s driveways and yards.

“They left their cars. A lot of people turned around. It was just chaos,” Fernandez said.

Hanover Police said they are working on traffic details and have created several functions to alert drivers about traffic. With last night’s frustration, many people slammed Live Nation and Star Lake on their social media.

Star Lake said in a statement that traffic delays can be frustrating. When a show is sold out, they try to encourage people to arrive early and carpool. They added that they were making improvements to their car park but did not go into detail.

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“What happened? Did you throw your hands up in the air and say, ‘That’s what it is’?” said Patrick Mercer.

Refunds weren’t easy either. Some have already been told “no” by Ticketmaster.

“I won’t be back, but I think they should compensate people who didn’t use their tickets,” said Karen Savitz.

Fans must contact the venue directly for any refunds. It is conducted on a case by case basis.