July 14, 2024

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Deion Sanders continues to provide attention and eyeballs

Deion Sanders continues to provide attention and eyeballs

Once upon a time, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent a lot of money to bring Deion Sanders to Dallas. Will Jones try to do that with the best coach in all of sports?

Jones was not asked that specific question during his postgame discussion with reporters on Sunday. But it’s clear that Jerry believes in Dion.

“Let me tell you something,” Jones said of Dion. “He’s a hell of a coach. He’s a hell of a coach.”

Could Jerry see Dion coaching in the NFL?

“It affects people and of course that’s part of it in the NFL,” Jerry said. “But I don’t want to go there because you know where things start either way. But [Deion] He can influence and cause through His stature, His essence, and what He is, as well as His character, and His ability to get within you and work with you on an individual basis. I’m a product of that with him.

Aside from influencing the players, Deion is performing well. The late-starting (and ultimately very late) Colorado State-Colorado State game on Saturday night gave ESPN the fifth-best college football rating ever, averaging 9.3 million viewers. In the age of widespread cord-cutting, this is astonishing. Colorado has it as well Sold out All home games for the first time ever, via TheAthletic.com.

The impact goes beyond football matches. Via Austin Karp Sports Business Journalthe season premiere 60 minuteswhich features a profile of Deion, attracted the show’s largest audience since January 2021, with 11.8 million viewers.

Yes, it helps that the show has a huge Jets-Cowboys audience (25.8 million). However, many remained stuck, perhaps for more debt.

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The sports world can’t get enough of debt. That may be enough to make some owners willing to try to make a financial offer that would make Dionne, who Rich Eisen told last week that He doesn’t think he can motivate rich NFL players,willing to at least try it.