June 6, 2023

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Denver Broncos Drop to 2-3 in Overtime Loss to Indianapolis Colts

Denver Broncos Drop to 2-3 in Overtime Loss to Indianapolis Colts

Kickoff is set at 6:15 p.m. Mile High time on Thursday, October 6, 2022 at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.

Game updates

1:15 PM MT: The Broncos have moved up behind Devin Ozegbo, Salameh Anthony Harris, and outside linebacker Jonathan Kongbo. From the coaching team before their match against the Colts on TNF.

5:00 PM GMT: Some surprises for the idle Broncos tonight. Deal right It looks like Billy Turner might be able to go for his first Denver outfit in this game. will be active. check the The full list of inactive factors for this Broncos-Colts game is here.

6:19 PM city time: Nyheim Hines were eliminated from the game early. After being hit and stabbed, it was obvious that he had problems with motor ability. With the NFL’s concussion protocol under fire in recent weeks, we can assume they’d be more cautious with Haynes here.

6:25 PM city time: After forcing the Colts to three and out in the opening drive, Russell Wilson and the Broncos quickly took to the field in the red. However, their leadership stalled at 15 as Brandon McManus put them 3-0 in the first quarter.

6:53 PM city time: The first quarter will end with a battle of three and sides taking shape. Outside of the Broncos’ first campaign that ended with a field goal, both teams mostly bet, and usually the third and out is how they get there. Full summary of the first quarter.

7:01 p.m. city time: Denver got things back in the end. However, since they were threatening the red zone, Garrett Pauls moved early on to Russell Wilson’s difficult statistic who supported them. KJ Hamler nearly broke a third pass for six, but was narrowly blocked. McManus was putting Denver 6-0 ahead in the second quarter instead.

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7:11 PM city time: With the Colts leading and only two plays removed from Phillip Lindsay’s 16-yard opening break, Matt Ryan will attempt to force the ball over midfield to awaited Caden Sterns. He intercepts the ball and returns it to the Broncos’ 37-yard line to keep the Colts goalless.

7:36 PM MT: Ronald Darby came limp in a play late in the first half and was taken to the locker room. It is doubtful that he will return.

7:41 PM city time: The Colts led the way to the 15-yard line, but successive sacks of the Broncos defense for heavy losses put them in a 3 and 38 position. They picked up enough yards to give them a 52-yard field goal to cut into the Broncos’ 6-3 lead before halftime. Complete summary of the second quarter.

7:44 PM city time: News spread in the first half that ILB Josey Jewell is also suspected of returning with a knee problem. He was limping in the final leadership of the Molts and is now unlikely to play in the second half. He will be judged outside to start the second half.

8:18 PM city time: Indianapolis was able to tie the game early in the third quarter with a boost, but Denver’s defense would strengthen to force a field goal and tie 6-6.

8:25 PM city time: After another interception by Caden Sterns immediately after a field goal attempt by the Broncos was blocked, Denver was able to recover the ball within the field goal range to regain the lead late in the third quarter 9-6. Ronald Darby will be officially excluded from this game as well.

8:33 PM city time: The third quarter would end with a blow as Russell Wilson hit Mike Boone on a screen pass. Boone would follow his hurdles all the way for a 34-yard gain to the Colts’ 31-yard line. Well within the scope of McManus’ domain goals. Complete summary of the third quarter.

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8:39 PM MT: With a goal field in hand, Russell Wilson felt pressure and just threw it for an interception to end the Broncos’ lead. Another opportunity to score was removed by head scratching decisions. Immediately after driving, Wilson went to the blue medical tent. Britt Rebian is heating up on the sidelines. Wilson came out clapping and seemed ready to go.

8:52 PM city time: Dre’Mont Jones left the game to be assessed for a concussion. He was later allowed back into the game after undergoing a concussion protocol.

8:56 PM city time: Baron Browning then left the match with what looked like a hand or wrist injury. He was walking into the locker room with the coaches.

9:06 PM MT: The Broncos LT will lose the Garrett Bulls to an ankle injury after suffering a twist. Moved from the field.

9:13 PM city time: Russell Wilson needed a first touchdown to finish the game, and he threw a terrible pass into the intercepted end zone to give the Colts one last chance to extend the game.

9:18 PM city time: With the Colts in command, the Broncos lost another momentum with second-placed Nick Bonito landing. Bradley Chubb is the only top four guy on the depth chart still out there. Despite this, Bonito was quickly getting into the game again. Missing only one play.

9:25 PM city time: To the chagrin of all of America, the ponies were able to kick the field goal associated with the game to send this game into overtime.

9:37 PM city time: In overtime, the Colts drove straight down the field to kick a field goal to take the game’s first lead 12-9. The Broncos get one shot to keep this game alive.

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9:45 PM city time: Denver will get two big plays for the Colts’ 14-yard line. But instead of going for a tie, they went for the win and failed to pass a fourth down into the end zone.

Game preview

The fifth week begins with Thursday night football and the Denver Broncos (2-2) will host Indianapolis Colts (1-2-1) in their third prime-time game this season. Both teams stumbled out of the gates as new midfielders discovered their new teams.

Matt Ryan throws in a lot of interceptions, but over his last two games he’s improved a lot with his 4-1 interception ratio. However, he has received nine failures this season and this is an area that the Broncos defense could exploit. Ryan turned the ball more than eight times in four games.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson was up and down and all over his head start in Denver. He hasn’t been as prone to change as Ryan, but he also hasn’t been able to find any consistency in attack so far this season. He had his most efficient game last week, but a terrible third quarter resulted in a deficit the team couldn’t overcome.

my expectations

in partnership with DraftKings SportsbookI will be covering all my picks this year on TallySight. Our employees are very confident in Bronco’s ability to pull off Win here in our weekly score predictions I was more confident than most people with a 27-17 prediction. I think this is a game that Denver is staying away from in the Colts face.