December 8, 2023

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Destiny 2 has been unplayable for a week due to DDoS attacks

Destiny 2 has been unplayable for a week due to DDoS attacks

Destiny 2 is in the middle of one of the worst crises in its history. No, it’s not about players complaining about boring seasons or broken loot. Instead, Destiny 2 is very close to being unplayable, and has been for a solid week, due to DDoS attacks confirmed by Bungie. This is rare, since they almost never publicly mention such attacks occurring.

Bungie couldn’t control these attacks, as you can Can Play the game to get a spell, as it’s not usually fully offline, but you never know when you’ll be kicked, whether you’re about to take down a raid boss or secure a kill to get to the lighthouse. It is extremely frustrating that many players have chosen not to play at all (myself included) until this issue is resolved. It is unclear when this will happen.

If you want a visual representation of how bad this is, take a look at the player count line for this Steam charts Destiny 2 graph. It’s going down in strange ways and shows just how unstable DDoS attacks have made the game.

If that doesn’t paint a picture for you, take a look at what a normal game looks like with no server issues with the same player count line. Just standard peaks and valleys like a heartbeat based on the times people play the most. But if the Destiny 2 line had been a heartbeat, the patient would be dead.

We simply don’t know how long this will last, and some players do We are Angry that Bungie doesn’t have better security to stop them. There are even conspiracy theories that this is Bungie’s “broken server technology” which is a very stupid idea because Bungie won’t lie about it, and they desperately want to bring the game back online as quickly as possible to avoid bleeding players. They could have fixed their technology by now, but as you can see from this graph, this is quite an ongoing attack and they are constantly fighting it. And no, uh, dedicated servers aren’t going to solve this.

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DDoS attacks are notoriously difficult to combat, and even more difficult to find the perpetrator. Bungie has sued everyone and anyone for harming their game, their community, and their employees in various ways, from cheaters to copyright infringers to serial harassers, but this does more harm to the game itself than anything else, and is one of the worst server situations I’ve ever seen. He went on in the game. We’ve been through quite a few. Although DDoSers are sometimes found and prosecuted, this almost never happens in the gaming space itself when multiplayer servers are targeted, so I don’t know if justice will ultimately be served here. The best they could hope for was to stop this attack for good, one way or another.

This is a difficult situation. Players can go ahead for now and play one of the other 30 good games released this year, but Bungie is working hard to fix that. Hopefully they can soon. Reset tomorrow.

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