February 29, 2024

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Destructive American rocket launcher that came to Ukraine to “destroy” Russia

Destructive American rocket launcher that came to Ukraine to “destroy” Russia

Ministry of Defense Ukraine Celebrates the arrival of the first Howitzers made in the United States –Such as the M777 and 155mm FH70-, he said he had killed hundreds Russian troops And again asked the Allies to deliver Disaster Rocket Missile Long distance (MLRS)

In the last few hours, the United States has begun exploring the possibility of sending it to Ukraine. Multi-launching rocket system, As well as a light version, called the system M142 High Mobility Artillery Rockets (HIMARS), Trained About 300 km hit the target In the distance, according to White House sources, is the location of CNN.

This American-made rocket launcher allows multiple missiles to be launched hundreds of kilometers away, more than any other system in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, senior Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zhelensky, have called on the United States and its Western allies to provide MLRS.

“Some partners avoid providing the necessary weapons for fear of escalation. Climb, seriously? Russia already uses non-nuclear heavy weapons, it burns people alive. It’s time to give us MLRS (several rocket launchers) (…). Mikhail Podoliyak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, tweeted.

Another system demanded by Ukraine is the Hemobility Artillery Rocket System, also known as HIMARS, which is a lightweight system capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition, such as MLRS.

Although the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense of Ukraine celebrated the arrival of the first American-made howitzers in Ukraine, they insisted that part of this “master plan”, as they call it, was missing.

According to a statement from the same ministry, “the pair are destroying the Russian occupiers.” “To excel in this music collection, we need the famous solo artist of our time – MLRS”. They insisted that the United States provide for this.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday announced his support for the idea of ​​providing Ukraine with so-called rocket launch systems to empower Ukrainian forces in operations against the Russian invasion.

“How do you deal with the crocodile in the middle of your left leg eating?” In an interview with Bloomberg, Johnson questioned the Russian president’s behavior, saying he “certainly did not do it.” Systematic “.

Ukraine’s request for MLRS was received with great caution by many allies, precisely because its missiles would reach Russia, but Johnson promised that its supply would respond to better defensive motives against “brutal Russian artillery”.

In this sense, Johnson urged the Allies to make a quick decision because Russia has been “constantly eating land” in the east of the country, where it has been making “slow but clear progress” in recent weeks, focusing on its operations.

DPA and Ansa Agencies