November 30, 2022

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Russia captures eastern Ukraine’s main city | Lavrov accused the West of waging a “total war” against Moscow

Russia has taken control of a major city in eastern Ukraine, while the Russian foreign minister has accused the West of launching a “total war” against his country. When the Kremlin troops shelled Areas that have not been attacked for several days Kharkov Y DiniproDonetsk confirmed this Friday that pro-Russian separatists had captured the city. LymanIt opens the way for progress on the Donbass, where fights are currently concentrated.

Battle of Lyman

Capturing the city would allow it to clear the last barrier to advance towards Russian troops Slaviansk Y GramadorskIn a maneuver to surround Chevrodonetsk Y Lyciansansk, And the East. Head of the Ukrainian Army Division for Donbass, Pavlo Grilenko, Recognized that his country’s forces were advancing south to protect those people, who number about 23,000 civilians. “Much of Liman was not controlled by Ukrainian troops. The same goes for the Svitlodorsk line: the armed forces have been sent back to take fortified positions, “the regional army chief told local shop Hromatsky.

Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute

The Russian military has launched a shelling attack on Severodonetsk, warning that its governor, Mariupol, could face the same fate as a large southeastern port destroyed several months after the siege. “Nearly two-thirds of the city’s perimeter is occupied by the enemy, but it is not. Surrounded.” Said Alexander Strike, head of the city administration. A Luhansk police official, quoted by the Riya Novosti agency, instead said that the city was “currently surrounded” and that Ukrainian troops could not leave.

At least five civilians have been killed in the region in the past 24 hours: four in Severodonetsk and one in Komichwa., About 50 kilometers from there, said Governor Sergei Guido. In the industrial city of Dinibro in the Middle East Ukraine, an official announced this Friday A Russian bombardment of a military base killed at least “a dozen” people and wounded about 30 others. More in the northIn Kharkov, a bomb blast killed at least nine people and injured 19 others, including a five-month-old baby and his father.Said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.

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In terms of restrictions, European leaders will hold the summit next Monday and Tuesday, Will also include Zhelensky’s participation via video conference, where they will seek to move forward with an agreement on a ban on Russian oil. The move comes amid rejection by the Hungarian prime minister. Victor OrbanRussian President Vladimir Putin’s close ally in the European Union this Friday The sanctions imposed on Moscow have been described as “false and dangerous.”. Urban strongly opposes the imposition of sanctions on Russia’s oil embargo.

The head of Russian diplomacy also spoke of these economic retaliations. Sergei LavrovThat He condemned the West for launching a “total war” against his country. According to the Chancellor, these activities are triggered A “deep false” campaign outside the global media And one “Unprecedented Russophobia”And it is estimated that this competition will last “for a long time”.

Agricultural products

Meanwhile, Putin on Friday assured that the allegations against his country, which is blamed for the world’s problems in the distribution of agricultural products, are “baseless”. In a phone call with the Austrian Chancellor, Carl Newhammer, Putin stressed that “attempts to blame Russia for the difficulties in supplying agricultural products to world markets are baseless.”, Promised in a statement to the Kremlin. The text added that “detailed explanations were given as to the real causes of these problems caused by anti-Russian sanctions.”

Putin called on Ukraine to destroy ports “as soon as possible” to allow ships carrying grain. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions have disrupted the supply of fertilizer, wheat and other foodstuffs to both countries, raising concerns of a global food crisis. Russia and Ukraine produce about 30 percent of the world’s wheat.

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For its method The Ukrainian president has accused the Kremlin of committing “genocide” in the eastern part of the country., The city of Severodonetsk continues to be bombed. After failing to capture kyiv and Kharkov, Moscow is focusing on the complete capture of the Donbass, a minefield that includes the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, both of which speak a majority Russian language, Zelensky said. He called Russia “deportation” and “mass killings of civilians.” “All this (…) is a clear policy for genocide,” He added in his daily television news.