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Did Titanic Director Javier Congratulate Mili? A mistake in the new statement

Did Titanic Director Javier Congratulate Mili?  A mistake in the new statement

November 22, 2023 – 19:45

Official announcements from the president-elect continue, but this Wednesday there was a certain failure to name James Cameron.

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From the stream last Sunday, around Javier Milei shared official statements about the activities of the President-elect through the social media accounts of “Elected Office of the President”. A report released this Wednesday was surprising Especially failed.

The message mentions different conversations Miley had during the day with various leaders around the world. “At the same timeHad a conversation with British Foreign Minister James Cameronwho attended to congratulate him on his victory,” the statement said.

It caught the attention of social media The President of the United Kingdom is called David Cameron. James Cameron is famous for his role Film director Filmmaker Terminator, Titanic and Avataramong others.

Embed – Porquetendencia/status/1727441908535017567&partner=&hide_thread=false

James Cameron became a trending topic In minutes between comments and memes. A bug has been fixed in a new report uploaded to Networks Original deleted.

Joe Biden called Javier Mili and congratulated him on his new presidency

Joe BidenChairman AmericaI am calling Javier M To congratulate him on his election victory last Sunday. The President confirmed it He will not be able to attend the inauguration ceremony on December 10.

They confirmed from Miley’s entourage Ambit That It was the President of the United States who decided to invite him. Biden congratulated her on winning the election He apologized Couldn’t attend his inauguration.

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