February 24, 2024

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US repels Houthi drone attack on one of its warships in Red Sea

US repels Houthi drone attack on one of its warships in Red Sea
The US repelled an attack by Houthi drones launched on a warship in the Red Sea. (Europe Press)

Many Drones Initiated by Houthi rebels of Yemen Intercepted one this Thursday warship of America That went on patrol Red SeaAccording to a US military command report in Middle East (Centcom).

The US warship intercepted the drone attacks without damage or casualties”, noted Centcom on social network X. However, it did not provide further details about the incident.

Although The Houthis They have not yet commented on the drone strike, which they had announced earlier Launching cruise missiles Whose purpose was The Israeli city of Eilat, In the south of the country, on the shores of the Red Sea, it was intercepted Israeli army.

“Following the report A Penetration by a hostile aircraft “In the area of ​​the city of Eilat, an Air Force fighter jet successfully intercepted a cruise missile fired at Israel,” the military wrote in a brief statement, which stressed that the missile did not enter Israeli airspace.

He October 20a ship US Navy Three missiles and several drones were shot down in an attack by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea. pentagonAddressed to Israel.

Although the Houthis have not yet commented on the drone strike, they had earlier announced that they had launched cruise missiles targeting the Israeli city of Eilat. (Europe Press)

The The HouthisIt is declared in part “Resistance stemFrom associates and representatives Iranian regimeThey have carried out a series of attacks Drones and missiles towards Israel After the start of the war in Gaza. They also threatened to attack him Sea transport Israel because of the country’s conflict with the Hamas terrorist group, which is backed by Iran’s clerical leadership.

“Our forces fired missiles at various military targets of the Israeli organization” in southern Israel, a spokesman for the Houthi arms division wrote in X. Yahya saree.

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“We will continue to carry out military operations until the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank is stopped,” he added.

Last Sunday, Houthi rebels took over cargo ship and its international team 25 people At the entrance to the Red Sea. The Israeli military described the operation “A very serious incident of global consequences”, and a US military officer described it as “a A flagrant violation of international law”.

The Israeli press was assured that the flag was on board BahamasIt is registered in the name of a British company leased to a Japanese company and partly owned by an Israeli principal. Rami Abraham UngerEngaged in merchant marine business.

Houthi rebels have seized a cargo ship and its international crew of 25 at the entrance to the Red Sea. (Reuters)

The films were telecasted Al MasirahNear the Houthis, it showed how the helicopter was painted with the flag Yemen And Palestine It landed on the ship, which was manned by a dozen masked fighters armed with assault rifles.

While searching the ship, the attackers entered the cockpit where four crew members raised their hands in defiance when threatened at gunpoint.

After taking control of the ship, about five motorboats secured the vessel to be sent to an unspecified Yemeni port, according to the footage, which showed no gunfire or overt scenes of violence.

(With information from EFE and AFP)