February 27, 2024

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Dolly Parton reveals why she never had children and her explanation will melt your heart

Dolly Parton reveals why she never had children and her explanation will melt your heart

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Country legend Dolly Parton She is loved by listeners of all ages, but despite her large family and strong connection with children, She and her husband, Carl Dean They had no children of their own. And according to Barton, this is the way things were supposed to be.

In an interview with today DisplaysBarton spoke to the host Matt Lauer I’m classy Her first children’s album, i believe in you. She also works with children through her charitable foundation Imagination librarywhich has provided nearly 100 million free books to young children.

Parton said during the interview that fate led her to be a mother to everyone instead of just a mother to her children. “God has a plan for everything,” she said. “I think maybe it was his plan to not have kids so everyone’s kids could be mine. And now they are.”

Previously, Parton said she regretted not having children, but now she doesn’t feel that way, and instead is close to her younger siblings, nieces and nephews. “Now that Carl and I are older, we often say, ‘Aren’t you glad we didn’t have kids? “Now we have no children to worry about,” she said. painting.

She told Lauer that kids are drawn to her, just like everyone else, and she credits her large family and her looks for that. “I have this high-pitched voice… I’m like Mother Goose or one of those exaggerated characters, and kids relate to that,” she said.

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Parton, 71, says she’s now in her “second childhood,” making it an ideal time to release songs for children. All proceeds from the album go to Imagination Library. Watch the full interview on Today.com.

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