September 29, 2023

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Drones attack Moscow and Russia condemns Ukrainian “terrorist attack”.

Drones attack Moscow and Russia condemns Ukrainian “terrorist attack”.

In a clear sign that the war in Ukraine is getting closer to Russia’s heartland, Moscow was hit by eight drones on Tuesday, which the Kremlin condemned. A “Terrorist Attack”Russian missiles for the third night in a row, when Kyiv made disasters.

Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine Try to scare the Russians. and target kyiv Anti-Putin groups Be responsible.

“This is an attack against civilian targets in Moscow,” he said in a statement to public television.

According to Putin, the attack was a response to Russian bombings against military targets in Ukraine. “Two or three days ago” Moscow attacked the general staff of Ukrainian military intelligence.

“In response, the Kiev regime chose another path such as attempts to intimidate Russia, threatening Russian citizens and attacks on residential buildings. This is definitely a clear sign of terrorist activity,” he added.

Putin has promised that he wants to provoke Q with his actions A “balanced response” against civilian targets in a neighboring country.

Putin: “Let’s see what we do”

“I am worried about the attempts to provoke a response from Russia. This is what they are looking for: to provoke us into balanced actions. Let’s see what we do,” he said.

RussiaAt the same time, It was launched early this Tuesday morning Attack on Kyiv At least one person was killed and seven injured in the 17th bombing since early May.

At least 20 Shaheed explosive drones Kyiv airspace was destroyed by air defenses in a third Russian attack on the city In the last 24 hours, According to the first data provided by the military administration.

At dawn, the drone of drones was heard over the city, followed by loud explosions as they were fired upon by anti-aircraft systems.

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In night attacks on Kiev, One died and seven were injured, according to the municipal military administration. Debris from downed drones ignited a high-rise building in the Holozive district.

Two upper floors were damaged There may be people under the rubbleAccording to the military government. More than 20 people were evacuated.

A Kyiv building was hit by Russian drones.  Photo: REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko.
A Kyiv building was hit by Russian drones. Photo: REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko.

Drones over Moscow

In a serious addition to the growing number of attacks on Russian soil (militant infiltrations, sabotage and a chaotic attack on the Kremlin), eight drones attacked Moscow, only to leave. Minor property damage.

Residents of the Russian capital Outbreaks have been reported And the Defense Ministry confirmed eight drones were launched into the city “Terrorist Attack” by “Kiev Regime”. According to the note, five of them were shot dead while the other three were diverted after disrupting their formations.

In a post on Telegram, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin attributed the attack “minor damage” in multiple buildings and two people received medical treatment for unspecified injuries but did not require hospitalization.

This attack by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyan to several buildings
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin explained that the attack caused “minor damage” to several buildings. Photo: Reuters

Residents of two buildings damaged in the attack were evacuated.

Anti-Putin groups

in the beginning, Ukrainian officials declined to comment about the Moscow attack, but later pointed out that they had nothing to do with the facts. And they targeted anti-Russian groups.

Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said the drone attack was the result of Russia’s “internal problems” and may have been carried out by Russian opposition parties seeking to oust President Putin.

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“These are internal issues,” Ignat said in an intervention on Ukrainian television, adding that “problems” would escalate at the hands of such groups. Freedom for Russia Legion, He starred alongside another group of Russian armed volunteers in a raid in the border region of Belgorod last week.

Ignat also mentioned another “legion” that could pose a threat to Putin in the short term. “The Legion of the Republic of Ichkeria It’s also getting stronger,” the military spokesman said, using the name given to the territory of Chechnya by those seeking to declare their independence from Russia.

However, Kyrolo Budanov, the head of Ukrainian intelligence, warned days ago that the escalation would be a response, amid repeated bombings by Russian missiles and drones in the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Lviv.

What drones were used

According to the BBC, there is a lot of speculation Kinds of drones Used in attacks on Moscow.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there were eight drone strikes in the region.

However, the Russian media Between 19 and 32 attacks were reported.

An explosion was captured in the Moscow region this Tuesday.  Photo: Reuters
An explosion was captured in the Moscow region this Tuesday. Photo: Reuters

BBC Verify is working to identify the drones used.

It was initially speculated to have been used The UJ-22 drone is manufactured in Ukraine.

However, after reviewing the footage, it was revealed that the UJ-22 was not used. These drones have different wing design, wheel position and fuselage.


Attack on Kyiv

Elsewhere in the Ukrainian capital, falling debris caused a fire at a private house in Darnytskyi district. Three cars caught fire In Pechersky.

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The offensive, which began on Sunday, included a rare daylight attack on Monday that left heavy clouds of white smoke in the blue sky. According to Valery Zalushny, Ukraine’s chief of staff, Russian forces fired 11 cruise and ballistic missiles at Kyiv around 11:30 p.m. He said they were all shot down.

Debris from the intercepted missiles fell in the morning in the central and northern districts of Kiev, landed on traffic on a city avenue and caught fire on the roof of a building. At least one civilian was injured.

Ukraine's emergency services on cue after Russian drone strike  Photo by Reuters.
Ukraine’s emergency services on cue after Russian drone strike Photo by Reuters.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Monday that it had launched a series of air-launched long-range precision missiles against Ukrainian air bases. Command posts, radar, aircraft and ammunition depots were destroyed in these attacks.

Claire writes with information from EFE, Associated Press and BBC News


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