September 29, 2023

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Miami shooting: At least nine injured in shooting in middle of Hollywood Beach

Miami shooting: At least nine injured in shooting in middle of Hollywood Beach

At least nine people were injured in a shooting on the boulevard on Monday Hollywood Beach Inside Florida. Although one of the shooters has been arrested, other suspects are being sought. Various videos that have gone viral on social media show the reaction of those who took shelter on the crowded beach on the national holiday. War Memorial Day.

Six adults and three children have been confirmed dead in the attack Yannet Obario SanchezSpokesperson for the health center Memorial Health System. He also clarified that the physical condition of all the victims is stable. Many of the injured were taken to Children’s Hospital.

While the police spokesman Deanna Bettineschi He indicated that the shooting occurred shortly before 7:00 p.m. in the aforementioned Miami Beach area. There, a fight was recorded where at least one person picked up a weapon and a shot was fired. Local police arrested one suspect but are still searching for others involved.

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The shooting in Miami was caught on security camera

For his part, the police chief Chris O’Brien He said there were thousands of people in the area and dozens of police officers, including some who were nearby. The shooting happened on a boardwalk near a grocery store, a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor and a Subway restaurant.

As a result of the standoff, police deployed numerous agents to the scene as the investigation continued. Officials also prepared a special place for relatives of the victims to meet.

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The suspect was arrested by Miami police

Thank you to the good Samaritans, EMTs, police and ER doctors and nurses who immediately responded to today’s shooting victims.Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy said in a statement.

Hollywood Beach is a popular destination located 17 kilometers south of Fort Lauderdale and 32 kilometers north of Miami.

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