February 22, 2024

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Due to the development of the corona virus, public sporting events were banned in Germany

No public appearances at public events in Germany from December 28 (Reuters)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes All sporting events are reported to have taken place Germany Until December 28, they will be behind closed doors in an effort to prevent the spread of Govt-19 cases, especially those related to variance. Omigron.

The Bundesliga It has suspended its operation until January 7, after meeting with regional representatives, to announce if he will maintain the ban for a longer period of time or if he will be allowed to withdraw the capability, the German president will have to announce the exact day. The first division of the European country has already celebrated 17 days of its season Bayern Munich He is the leader of the match with 43 points, nine more than his guard Borussia Dortmund.

Figures released on Monday, December 20th Germany reported 21,710 new cases and 280 deaths Because of the corona virus, that is why the authorities decided to take national measures such as banning the public presence at all kinds of massive events, including sporting events. To date, these types of decisions have been divided by regions, according to the evolution of cases. It must be implemented nationwide from December 28th, at least until January 7th, When the Chancellor conducts the new summit.

Scholes said the “corona virus does not take over the Christmas holidays” and that is why it limits community gatherings to a maximum of 10 people, even those who have been vaccinated, except those under 14 years of age. The German Chancellor pointed out that the Omicron variant will greatly increase the number in the coming weeks.

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“I wish I had given you even more positive news just before the Christmas holidays,” he declared after the announcements of the new restrictions and continued: “This epidemic is worrying us all. We are all distracted and tired of the epidemic. We need to be together again and keep our distance in many cases“.

In October of this year, a report was released The German Football League (DFL) revealed that 90% of Bundesliga players and coaches have already received at least one dose., Higher number than many other leagues. For this reason, unlike what happens in the UK The Premier League had to postpone several games Due to various explosions in its teams, the German first division has so far had no problems complying with the scheduled match.

The Bundesliga will resume on Friday, January 7, with a fight between the leaders. Bayern Munich, And this Borussia Montserrat Gladbach Have to play behind closed doors. The rest of the dates will continue on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on whether fans will enter the stand by then.

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