April 13, 2024

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At the end of the year, the employer gave his employee underwear as a gift, and his wife responded very badly | Chronicles

The final meetings of the year usually see us with a warm spirit, and after a year of intense work everyone gets tired and vulnerable. This was reflected in the company meeting celebrating the end of the year.

At the time of the gift exchange at a company for the Christmas festivities, an atmosphere of extreme violence ensued. This happened when a person gave an employee a gift of underwear during the New Year celebration. Knowing this, his wife severely beat him. The incident took place in Camudche, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.

The employee, who was wearing a white dress and long hair and did not expect a gift or a blow, was severely beaten by the boss’ wife, who could not restrain himself when he opened the gift and saw the gift. Those present recorded the situation and the video spread rapidly on social networks.

Controversy has erupted among users as some claim that the employer was at fault and not a co-worker. In a post that already has thousands of reproductions, The moment the women pull their hair out is noticed when the other participants of the event try to separate them.

The video shows pictures of other guests trying to separate them while the girls cry quietly and parting. After a few seconds of fighting, the women finally leave, and it is even seen how some of the people there check whether the two are well after the beating.

Reports say the man made the woman famous “Baby toy“In lace and red. These gifts were not appreciated by the employer’s wife who was invited to the meeting.

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Had it not been for the man’s wife, the gift would not have caused so much slander if the gifts had been opened in the middle of the feast.

The video was aired by Composer Campechana with the following text: “In Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, a posada ended in a lawsuit because a man gave a set of underwear to his co-worker. Due to the man’s misfortune, the gift was opened in the presence of everyone, including his wife.”