February 26, 2024

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Election in Chile: Gabriel Borik’s Proposals | What the left-wing candidate proposes

“Project Practice Agreement” is the name of the left-wing candidate Gabriel Borick Presented his proposal for this second round Presidential election in Chile. The speech included discussions with teams of former candidates Marco Enriquez-Ominami and Yasna Provoste.

Borick said it was clear in these program lines that there were points of connection between the proposals of his former left and center-left rivals.

“The urgency to recover quality jobs, especially in the case of women, is shared by the decisive support for SMEs, as well as sustainable economic recovery and the promotion of growth and development in response to climate change,” she explained.

“There are also coincidences in increasing the pensions of current and future pensioners, who act in accordance with the principles of Social Security, and the need for a new pension system that the AFPs (pension fund managers) do not want;

He also highlighted the agreements that these developments require economic growth and progressive tax reforms, “to finance reforms responsibly and to ensure the path of financial integration that guarantees financing of each new fixed expenditure”.

In the plan, Borick raises four axes: the foundations for sustainable development and reforms in the pension, health and tax systems.

Sustainable growth

The first chapter raises the steady growth of reaching all, especially women and MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises), it said in the text.

It is proposed to restore the labor participation of the people most affected by the epidemic, which is understood to be necessary to restructure subsidies and focus on women.

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Training and job retraining will be encouraged in response to the impact of technology.

For small and medium enterprises, this will be conducive to growth and innovation.

Pension system

With regard to pensions, a new body without AFPs was proposed with the aim of “meaningful entitlement to social security and sustainable increase in current and future pensions”. The system will be public and funded with the participation of employers, workers and taxpayers.

A global basic pension of $ 250,000 (currently US $ 297) is proposed, which will benefit all adults over 65 years of age.

In this chapter, gender equality is promoted as “the guarantee of practical equality for women”. This is achieved by: rules of equal representation in the elements of the system; Use of unisex tables for life; Subsidy for pension breaks for reasons of unpaid care, regardless of whether the caregiver is female or male.

Health system

The plan states that improving the health system in the Boric government is a “priority”. The proposed model focuses on primary care, is based on the general system and is gradually funded by public taxes.

“It is essential to increase the justice, equality and solidarity of the organization, to increase the efficiency of the utilization of resources, to promote a healthy society, to ensure the financial security of the people against health costs and to ensure timely, decent and quality access,” the document said.

Tax reform

The last chapter refers to the implementation of tax reform. Income tax is recommended for large companies. The document states that capital income in the country today “pays a lower rate of tax than the tax on employment, creating inequality that has no justification”.

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Another aspect is the reduction of exemptions that “create unjust tax expenditure” and the imposition of taxes on wealth (including tax on the wealth of the super-rich); Green lines; Royalty for large-scale mining and measures against evasion and avoidance.

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