May 19, 2024

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Elections in the Basque Country: Equilibrium defined by the third person of competition | The PVN was tied with EH Bild, but would retain the government thanks to the Socialist Party

Elections in the Basque Country: Equilibrium defined by the third person of competition |  The PVN was tied with EH Bild, but would retain the government thanks to the Socialist Party

EH Build And Basque Nationalist Party They join the top of Basque politics. 27 seats For everyone. Left abertzaleHowever, the Left confirms its dominance in the space with six more seats than the 2020 elections. Euskadi Socialist Party (PSE) 11 and the People's Party (bb), seven. Vox keeps his seat and Collaboration Enters the Basque Parliament with a canFor its part, it loses six of its seats.

The numbers, however, enable a new coalition government between the PNV and the Socialists. Geldsail Imanol PradalesLike a socialist Enago Anduiza They have achieved their objectives. Lehendakari may be crowned first. Second, the PSE alliance with the PNV could be revised, keeping the key to government in its hands.

I will give everything to Youskadi everydayPradales said after confirming that his party would retain the Euskadi government after securing more than 366,000 votes. Anthony OrtuzarThe leader of the PNV has insisted that his party “won the election” – it won more votes than EH Bild – and that it will “accept the responsibility” of forming a government that he described as “plural”.

Life is (not) the same in Euskadi

There was difficulty in starting the election campaign. flow towards Azuria Aenea It was at half speed until the boat was driven into the river during the victory Athletic Club of Bilbao In Copa del Rey. Then, in the last week of the campaign, various organizations refueled and offered their full arsenal. EH tried to focus the Build debate Social politicsEnvironmentalism or feminism, but could not be prevented ETAThe terrorist group, which ceased armed operations in 2011 and was completely disbanded in 2018, will also enter the campaign.

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Nationalist Candidate, Otxandiano hair, In an interview with Catena Chair, he did not describe the band as “terrorist” and was the focus of a good portion of the conversation for several days.. Later, he apologized to the victims if he had hurt their feelings. However, in light of the final results, It didn't seem to bother him one bit..

PNV focuses its text on “Management” and, in particular, “Don't risk everything achieved“, As its candidate Imanol Pradales said at the closing ceremony of the campaign in Bilbao. He narrowed down the choice between his own and EH Build's two models. He Socialist Party of Euskadi (PSE) continued to emphasize the important role of government and elaborated on economic and social issues. International profile. He did it himself Pedro Sanchezwho accompanied the candidate Enago Anduiza At the last rally.

of PP Javier de AndresFor its part, it focused on the latter part of the election campaign, In scraping all possible votes from PNV and piling votes against EH Build. war between can And CollaborationThis resulted in a seat for the formation of Magenta, which climbed in recent days Poll drama. Despite the disappearance of the purple formation, a left-wing government is rarely present in Basque autonomous politics.

Everything remains the same, but Something changes In Basque politics. PNV maintains its own legend and thanks to PSE, but the EH build has the best result in its history and already speaks to you. GeldsalesIt is, after all, the most voted power.

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