May 22, 2024

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New remains of ballistic missile found near Dead Sea after Iranian regime attack on Israel

New remains of ballistic missile found near Dead Sea after Iranian regime attack on Israel
Remnants of a ballistic missile found near the Dead Sea after the Iranian attack

Remnants of a ballistic missile were found in the desert near the Dead SeaAfter being attacked by missiles and drones Iranian regime vs Israel Last weekend.

Most of the missiles and drones were shot down by Israel and its allies; And the attack caused moderate damage in Israeli territory.

Tehran launched the occupation in response to an Israeli airstrike on April 1, which destroyed a building in the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus and killed several Iranian officials, including a top general.

Friday morning, Explosions in Isfahan, Iran Sources say it was an Israeli attack. Tehran downplayed the incident and said it had no plans to retaliate.A response aimed at avoiding a war in the entire region.

Such was the Iranian missile attack on Jerusalem

At the last hour, the leader Israeli military intelligence He resigned his post due to the unprecedented attack Hamas of October 7The military said this Monday, and became the first Israeli high command to resign because of the failures around The worst attack in Israel's history.

General Resignation Aharon Halivah The Hamas attack led to further planned resignations by members of the Israeli security leadership, in which the militants overran Israel's border security, shelling Israeli cities for hours without resistance and They killed 1,200 peopleMost civilians take a few extra 250 hostages to Gaza. This event sparked a war against Hamas that will continue Gaza Strip.

The military said in a statement that Haliwa had requested to terminate his service.His command follows responsibility”. After the attack in October, Haliwa said publicly took responsibility As head of the military department responsible for sending daily intelligence notices to the government and the army, he did not prevent the attack.

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The army chief accepted the resignation According to Haliwa and the military thanked him for his service.

There were widespread expectations that Haliwa and other military and security chiefs would resign over the major blunders leading up to the attack. October 7 and to the extent of the attack.

However, it is unclear when those resignations will occur Israel continues to fight against Hamas in Gaza and exchanged fire with the Lebanese Armed Forces Hezbollah in the north. Tensions with Iran are also high after attacks between the two rival nations.

Two terrorists tried to kill the victims in the accident, but their weapons got stuck

At least three people were slightly injured this Monday A car crashes and the shooting attempt failsReportedly assaulted by two 17-year-old Palestinians near the central bus station. JerusalemAs stated in the police report.

“(After the attack) immediately, Two terrorists got out of the vehicle with Carlo type weapons and tried to fire but to no avail“A detailed report today said that the attackers threw the machine gun on the road and fled.

Hours later, police announced the arrest of two 17-year-old Palestinian suspects HebronA city in the south West BankAfter “extensive searches” by border police and a helicopter.

“After their arrest, the two were taken for questioning,” the police force described in a statement, which said they disappeared after the attack at a closed business.

Israeli emergency service Megan David Adom Its teams provided medical aid to three injured with minor head and facial injuries, and two were evacuated to hospital Share Djtech They will be discharged today.

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