June 23, 2024

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Eliza Carrio: “Christina wants Alberto to end in disaster to polarize with Miley”

Eliza Carrio: “Christina wants Alberto to end in disaster to polarize with Miley”

Elisa Cario I confirm that Christina Kirschner seeks to weaken Alberto Fernandez, who won the 2023 election. “She wants it to end in a disaster so she can polarize with Miley.”He said in a conversation tonight with Joaquin Morales Sola.

The leader of the civic coalition warned that this was a “real conspiracy” and recalled that it had a history in recent history. “It simply came to our notice then [Álvarez] When he resigns and Kobos, he wants to be in opposition from the post of vice president. Christina Kirschner could not be vice president or leader of the opposition. That’s why I fought Gobos, people don’t understand, “he explained.

On TN, the former national vice president said Christina Kirschner was trying to exploit Alberto Fernandez’s weakness in the general election. And he explored that this would be a scene of “extreme conditions” that would do no good to democracy.

Regarding the coach of Together for Change, he said he wants harmony in the harmony of space. Below the key levels “there are more whole people, they have more honesty.” “It simply came to our notice then. There are teams regardless of the president. What I see is election frustration, everyone wants to win this year, there is no election this year, there is inflation. War is going on, ” he warned. “There are a lot of firecrackers today and we need to let them talk,” he said. “Well-trained Miley did not say that leaving what he proposed was a disaster.”He pointed out.

“I’m afraid behind so many votes and one dictator, it’s happening in so many places in Europe. It’s neither right nor left. Middle Avenue is very wide: there are many Argentines who need peace of mind,” he said.

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Criticized Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. “There are candidates who don’t play, who don’t talk about debt, and I talk about Horacio,” he said. He also clarified about the 2023 candidates: “Those who are there now are not going to make candidates. Today it’s all expression and wear. ”

“Democracy allows Miley to speak because she is attacking the caste that allows her to be. This is the benefit of democracy, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Cario referred to the court, the judgment of the court and the attitude of the government. “Judge Parana has criminal intent and we are going to work on his political investigation,” he explained.

“There is going to be famine here, we can reduce hunger, but we can not reduce hunger in other countries. There is unparalleled decay of civilization. The people are restless and angry.”

In addition, he said that if Mauricio Macri wins in 2019, “they will turn him down”. “They are not going to let him rule, they are not going to vote for a deal with the finances or they will not let us act because of the epidemic,” he promised. “The difference we have between that pseudotism (not all pharonists are the same) is that we are not conspirators. We are going to guarantee the completion of this government mandate, ”he said.