September 30, 2023

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Situation in Machu Picchu worsens: 2,000 tourists stranded, railways still blocked

Situation in Machu Picchu worsens: 2,000 tourists stranded, railways still blocked
Mincetur announced the transfer of 3,500 tourists to Cusco, but did not specify whether the transfer from Aguas Calientes had been achieved. | Photo: Andean

The A 48-hour strike has been called in the Cusco region This is not only a complete freeze for tourism, but also a strong blow to the region’s economy, as the Imperial city has lost about 69 million soles in a day without activity. However, little or no attention was paid More than 2,000 tourists stranded in Machu Picchu Due to the closure of the railways and the cancellation of train journeys,

Company Peru train Cusco-Machu will extend the suspension of its operations on the Picchu routes until today, Tuesday, April 19th. The cancellation of the service would have been accepted by the offer company Ferrocar in the sign of Trasantino (Fedranza), which was informed that they would be activated. “Transfers they need at no cost and income if they need to”Aguas again affects hundreds of tourists waiting for their relocation on the alternate route from Calientes district to Cusco.

Rolando Mendoza, Cusco’s regional manager for foreign trade and tourism, said the region’s situation was dire and that more than a thousand tourists were stranded in Machu Picchu.

“Unfortunately, we have tourists who will not be able to go to Cusco or anywhere else from Sunday because of the train service being paralyzed. We currently have over a thousand people trying to get out of Machu Picchu., Mendoza said.

He said through the regional government and administration they are coordinating with the private sector, tourism unions, railway companies and the National Police of Peru. Draw a contingency plan that will allow stranded visitors to move for more than 24 hours at train stations..

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Rolando Mendoza He also pointed out that through the Machu Picchu Tourism Information Office, a list and registration is being updated to meet the needs of travelers leaving the district.

“We have a diverse audience, including families, the elderly, children and young people who are currently in a difficult situation due to unemployment.”He added.

Mendoza said he hoped the strike would be called off after their meeting with the prime minister yesterday, but it was confirmed that the strike would continue into the afternoon.

The only thing we ask of those in Machu Picchu is silence. We are coordinating to clear the road as soon as possible. We are moving towards a place where we can coordinate with the picketers and restructure the train service and change the spectators over the course of the day. “He noted.

On the other hand, the Cusco’s PNP General, Pedro Villanueva, They also say that there are more than two thousand spectators stranded in Machu Picchu district “I’m trying to talk to the strikers so they give at least a few cars a pass.”

He noted that some travelers choose to leave the Cusco district by Amazon route, land transport and walking, but “it is not safe.”

Millionaires are losing

CCenter for Business Research at the Chamber of Commerce He pointed out that about 4,200 tourists would have canceled trips and stopped entering the region due to the 48-hour strike, which would mean the loss of more than 2 million soles. The head of the Cusco Chamber of Tourism stressed that the total economic losses would be around 100 million souls.

For its part, Tourist Oswaldo AmburoNative to Arekiba, It condemned the strike, which has already affected local businesses, especially travelers..

“The strike continues and the roads are still blocked. Tourism is paralyzed and the community is demanding that it regain its purchasing power due to rising prices of inputs and fertilizers. We are suffocating, there is no solution, ”he said in an interview with RPP Notice.

Tourists were stranded at Machu Picchu railway stations

Argentine travel journalist, Augustina LopezThus he said on his Twitter page Tourists have not yet been able to leave Aguas Calientes and Holland.

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“They can take care of the tourists who have chosen their country. We are stuck in Aguas Calientes and Hollandimpo. Today my country has a flight, Cusco is banned. Needless to say I could not climb Machu Picchu.”She wrote angrily.

In detail, the police are constantly engaged in security work in the area and there has been no contact from the authorities regarding his relocation. Also, the train to Cusco has not been running since yesterday.

Even on the first day of the strike, about 3,500 tourists were reported stranded in various parts of the city. For many, flights are scheduled for that day They had to walk to the airportIt is about 5 km from the Plaza de Armas.

Access roads to Cusco are still blocked today, the second day of the strike in the Cusco region. Dozens of businesses were closed and school classes were suspended to avoid endangering the integrity of school children.

Workers, farmers and tourism unions They demand that the living standards of Pedro Castillo, who has been hit by rising food, fuel and fertilizer prices, be improved. They also demand the start of a second major agrarian reform and that campaign promises must be fulfilled and provide more resources for Cusco to reactivate tourism activities in the region.

Opposition to rising prices has also affected those planning to visit the historic site.

Government action

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (mincetur), Measures were taken through the Tourism Security Network to take 3,500 tourists to the city. However, as already mentioned, It is not yet defined how this transaction will be carried out to protect passengers stranded in Ollandaitampo or Machu Picchu for more than 24 hours.

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As they point out, a safe tourist walkway has been implemented between Alejandro Velasco Estate Airport and the center of Cusco, guaranteeing the relocation of tourists planning flights on these dates, but they have not yet talked about a solution for their return. Those in cities far away from the city.

“Thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism’s Tourism Safety Network from Cusco, the National Police is guaranteeing the transfer of tourists from the Velasco Estate Airport to the Imperial City’s Plaza de Armas via a safe tourist corridor.”Minister Roberto Sanchez said. On his Twitter account.

“On the first day of the strike in the imperial city, about 3,500 tourists were transferred in five buses of the National Police from 06:00 am to 4:30 pm.”He added.

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