May 23, 2024

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Evo Morales supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calls for “international mobilization” against “NATO and US”.

Evo Morales supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calls for “international mobilization” against “NATO and US”.

Instead of condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Evo Morales calls for “international mobilization to stop NATO and US intervention expansion”.. Thus, 12 days after the start of the war in the Ukrainian region, the former president of Bolivia issued a strike tweet. Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed support. Thus divided by the former president He has a different position from other Latin American leaders who share the same ideology Like the presidents of Chile and Argentina, Gabriel Borick And Alberto FernandezRespectively.

“We call for an international mobilization to stop the expansion of NATO and US intervention. Humanity is shouting for peace, unrest is not the solution. Weapons and imperialist supremacy are endangering world peace,” Morales wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter.

On March 6, the Bolivian president spoke out against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), tweeting that “the world’s democratic people and governments must promote a campaign condemning NATO as the main enemy of humanity.” Threatens.

On the morning of the 24th of February, the day after the first Russian bombing of Ukraine, on the morning of the beginning of the war effort to keep the world on edge, the President Borik of Chile condemned the Russian actions.

“Russia has chosen war as a means of resolving conflicts. We condemn the invasion of Ukraine from Chile, the violation of its sovereignty and the abuse of power. Our solidarity with the victims and our humble efforts will be at peace,” the Chilean president wrote in a strong message on social media.

Meanwhile, the words of the Argentine president took some time to come, and since the morning of the 24th, the government decided that it was. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the position of the country against Russian progressA condition that many consider vague.

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“The Republic of Argentina, loyal to the most essential principles of international coexistence, does its utmost. A firm rejection of the use of the armed forces And Deeply saddened by the escalation of the situation in Ukraine (…) Reasonable and lasting solutions can only be achieved through dialogue and mutual commitment that ensure the essential peaceful coexistence. Thus Calls on the Russian Federation to suspend military operations in Ukraine. Supported the speech of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the afternoon, Fernandez decided to state his position on Twitter due to the lack of specific definitions demanded by various sections of the opposition.

“I am deeply sorry Increase in war We know from the situation that has developed in Ukraine. Sovereignty, territorial integrity, state security and dialogue for human rights and respect for human rights guarantee a just and lasting solution to the conflict, ”the president tweeted at 3:47 pm on the 24th.

“We call on the Russian Federation to end its actions and return to the negotiating table,” he said in a statement.

Days later, on February 28th, Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro He was the first to officially present the country’s strongest position against the invasion of Russia at the UN Human Rights Council.

Kafiro spoke The “Invasion” Sent to Ukraine by the Russian Federation and reiterated its demand for negotiations to put an end to the escalation of the war in that country.

“The use of force as a means of resolving a conflict and violating the territorial integrity of another state is not the norm. Preventive wars are reprehensible because they are not legal. Diplomacy is debatable. (…) Condemns military action in the region, “Kafiro said at the time.

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This last position was hailed by the United States as a sign of reconciliation after the tensions between Washington and Gaza Rosada.