July 24, 2024

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Ukraine suspends exports of meat, wheat, sugar and other products

Ukraine suspends exports of meat, wheat, sugar and other products
Wheat harvest near the town of Hrabeny in the Kiev region of Ukraine

The Ukrainian government on Sunday suspended exports of meat, wheat, sugar and other products due to the Russian military occupation of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government said in a statement that exports of wheat, corn, poultry, eggs and oil would be allowed only with the permission of the Ministry of Economy.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper, Prime Minister Denis Schmidt pointed out that the government has decided to restrict the continued export of socially important goods and raw materials. ‘Ukrainskaya Pravda’.

The impact of the Russian invasion on Ukraine has hit the food, automotive, technology and energy sectors hardest in their global supply chains.Reported by the Logistics and Transport Business Organization of Spain, UNO.

The Russian military has threatened to attack Ukraine’s neighbors. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov warned that some Ukrainian warplanes had flown into Romania and other Ukrainian neighbors.

A Kremlin official said, “If those warplanes attack Russian forces from the borders of those countries,”Can be considered as the participation of those countries in the military conflict.

“Almost all Kiev fighter jets were destroyed. But we know from reliable sources that some Ukrainian planes flew to Romania and other neighboring countries.Konashenkov said.

Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov
Russian Defense Minister Igor Konashenkov

“This is pure rhetoric to divert attention from what is really happening on the ground: civilians have been killed and the rules of armed conflict are being violated,” Romanian Prime Minister Nicolas Siuka responded in a televised interview.

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The Russian government “may already be trying to intimidate us […]We have no reason to be intimidated. “ He added.

Cuca cited an incident reported by the Roman military on February 24, the first day of the Russian offensive, when a Ukrainian warplane was intercepted in Romanian airspace and forced to land in the country.. According to Bucharest, the pilot explained that there were technical problems with the aircraft.

“The plane took off again. [el 1 de marzo] Unarmed from Romania, the prime minister insisted on avoiding a possible charge of Moscow, noting that Romanian authorities had made the incident “public with full transparency”.

Ukraine, which has had Russian military intervention since February 24, is urging Western nations to set up a no-fly zone on its border.One that NATO has rejected is accusing it of a strong risk of direct confrontation with Moscow.

Saturday, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, He warned that Russia would consider any country that seeks to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine a co-militant state..

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