November 30, 2023

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Failing the first mission of the Cyberpunk DLC unlocks a secret ending

Failing the first mission of the Cyberpunk DLC unlocks a secret ending

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Cyberpunk 2077 Players are often rewarded for exploring Night City off the beaten path, but never too soon It has just been launched Illusory freedom expansion. Failing one of the early DLC objectives will not only result in a game over, but you will also fail the entire expansion quest.

This discovery recently spread across the Internet In a clip Posted by Cyberpunk Potato Synth Mania. With the “Dog Eat Dog” mission transitioning to “Hole in the Sky,” players are tasked with saving a high-value target from certain doom. If they choose to ignore it or take too long to get there, the mission becomes a failure, with a special little epilogue from Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand. Basically all Illusory freedom The main story missions are then closed. Ooops.

Spoiler warning is displayed.

The important character in question in “Hole in the Sky” is of course NUSA President Myers. The first part of the mission involves rushing to the crash site. This should be the easiest part, but it seems that was not the case for Synth Potato’s brother. Instead, he drove like a madman and never reached the target, accidentally opening one of the expansion points.Secret endings“In treatment.

“You can fail straight up Cyberpunk Phantom LibertyIntroduction and you lose access to the entire DLC main quest if you choose to ignore the objective and let Myers die with a special cutscene and line delivery from Johnny if you do! Potato Synth He tweeted yesterday. “Shout out to my brother for driving like an idiot and finding this crazy attention to detail and cool Easter egg.”

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This botched ending shows V waking up from a blackout, on Earth in Dogtown. “Your presidential rescue operation. A dismal failure,” says Johnny Silverhand. “Honestly, good riddance.” He then suggests the two of you get on with life, starting with a drink.

Fortunately, anyone who accidentally got this ending can still reload their last autosave to go back and attempt to successfully complete the mission to continue on. Illusory freedom Quest line. As Synth Potato points out, it’s a nice little alternative score that adds up to what makes life fuller Cyberpunk 2077 A very rich experience.

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