April 22, 2024

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Fans are craving steamy throwback photos of Christina Hendricks in her lingerie

Fans are craving steamy throwback photos of Christina Hendricks in her lingerie

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Driving fans crazy With her latest post on Instagram.

The former model dug deep into her photo archives over the weekend for another post, a healthy habit she's recently picked up.

It simply says “underwear.” The upload on Sunday, February 25, included four undated photos of the actress wearing nothing but her underwear.

In the first photo, Hendricks appears with short hair and a black-and-white lacy corset as she stares into the camera.

For the second shot, good girls The alum wore a sheer yellow and black lingerie set and a pair of high-heeled shoes as she turned her head away from the photographer while holding a can of Coca-Cola. It was signed “Poison Ivy xoxo”.

The third snap showed the 48-year-old wearing a light blue floral corset and matching knickers. As the camera panned away, Hendricks appeared to be screaming at the top of her lungs. It also appears to be signed by the star, but the signature has been cut out of the frame.

As for the last photo, Hendrix's hair was slightly longer and curlier than it was in the first three photos. She wore a light cream lace ensemble and smiled at the camera.

The throwback footage almost broke the internet, with fans upset by it in the comments.

Someone shouted: “Ma’am. You didn’t have to kill us like that ❤️😮.”

Another joked: “Sunday? Churches, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals and monasteries are shaking 😂.”

“I dream?” Someone else shared. “Or has Christina finally opened the treasure chest?”

“Honestly the girl of my dreams, so beautiful 💖💖,” a fourth gushed.

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Even her former co-stars got in on the hype May Whitman “Boioioioing,” he joked.

This latest series of throwback photos comes just one week after fans begged Hendrix to not stop posting them — it looks like she's listening!

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