January 28, 2023

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FIFA confirms Qatar’s World Cup draw: Pots, seeds and the big mystery of June

The World Cup draw will take place on April 1 (Photo: Reuters)

The 21st edition of the World Cup has a uniqueness that will be different from other editions because it will take place at the end of the year and thus the severe heat waves that will affect the host country will not harm the athletes. Much. However the The group stage draw will take place when Qatar starts the World Cup on April 1st Starting November 21st and ending with the final on December 18th.

About 2,000 guests will attend the Doha Conference and Exhibition Center (DECC). Draw from Friday 13 April 1 (Argentina time). But first, the latest update to the FIFA rankings will be released on March 31. There will be a state of ignorance about the creation of limited pots, which will help find seven rankings beyond host Qatar.

The organizing country will appear as usual in Level 1 of Group A. Must be the protagonist of the opening match which will take place on November 21st from 1:00 pm (Argentina time). Al Bad Ground Al Goren. Of the 15 people classified so far, only Qatar knows its relevanceBut wait for his rivals in the area.

The other seven first rankings will be known today, by rank, from the FIFA rankings they hold Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Italy And Spain In the first seven places. The Italian team has not yet sealed the ticket to the World Cup as they must win from the UEFA playoffs starting on Thursday, March 24 Details: Italy face Macedonia and Portugal face Turkey. The winners of these duels will play each other to get tickets to Qatar.

This is currently the FIFA rankings: it will be updated again on March 31
This is currently the FIFA rankings: it will be updated again on March 31

Other nations that have qualified for the World Cup Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Serbian, Switzerland, Netherlands, Iran And South Korea.

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Panorama of the other over the next few days, with 15 confirmed positions 17 vacancies go to QatarAlthough equal A big mystery will unfold when the last two playoff keys take place between June 13th and 14th (i.e. after the draw). The only match between the United States, Oceania and Asia: Conmepol Fifth-placed team clashes with two third-placed cross-winners from the Asian Football Confederation. By that date, the situation of the Ukrainian team would be resolved, which was to play in the UEFA Internal Playoffs against Scotland in March, but that fight was postponed until June due to the war in their country.

In other words, the draw will be unique 29 confirmed countries and five believers are in search All three tickets are free until June. Notably, the European semifinals in between Scotland and Ukraine It will be played while they are already waiting for the final Wales or Austria Players on March 24th.

The draw will take place with three questions: the last two playoff keys will be played in June and the situation in Ukraine will be defined (Photo: FIFA)
The draw will take place with three questions: the last two playoff keys will be played in June and the situation in Ukraine will be defined (Photo: FIFA)

The 32 teams will be divided into four pots of eight people each. The FIFA rankings determine the status of each country in the said trophies. Until coming from UEFA, there can be no two teams from the same federation in the same zone Up to two teams per team can play again as they are classified twice as much as the other areas.

“According to the classification, The first seven teams, along with host Qatar, are assigned to Group 1. Teams 8 to 15 are assigned to Group 2. Teams 16 to 23 are assigned to Group 3, and finally, Team 4 includes teams classified from 24 to 28, and includes the winners of the intercontinental qualifying rounds scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2022, as well as the winners of the UEFA Qualifiers.”, Described the official statement issued by FIFA at the last hour. FIFA warns World Cup winners of World Cup to avoid clashing with their own team: “The geographical allocation of the inter-continental play-off slot will be based on the number of pairs of Confederations teams participating in the inter-continental play-off tournament.”.

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In each case, A ball is drawn from a team pot, followed by a ball from one of the team pots, which determines the team’s playing position.

UEFA will have 13 delegates, with playoffs available in Africa 5, Conmepol 4 (and a playoff), Asia 4 (and a playoff), Concacaf 3 (and a playoff) and Oceania. These should include the host country.

FIFA rankings of those classified so far

1- Belgium

Two- Brazil

3- France

4- Argentina

5- England

7- Spain

8- Denmark

10- Netherlands

Eleven- Germany

14- Switzerland

Fifteen- Croatia

Twenty-one- Iran

25- Serbian

29- South Korea

52- Qatar *

* Sown for hosting

Day: Friday, April 1st

Table: 1:00 pm (Argentina – Chile – Uruguay – Brazil – Paraguay) / 12:00 pm (Bolivia – Venezuela – United States East Coast) / 11:00 am (Peru – Ecuador – Colombia) / 10:00 am (Mexico) ) / 7:00 pm (Qatar)

Location: Doha Convention and Exhibition Center, Qatar

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