June 24, 2024

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DAIA’s harsh letter against Ambassador Daniel Capitanic for not denying the presence of Iranians who flew on an AMIA flight

Another step down through Nicaragua Mohsen Resai, As an Iranian official syndicate Who acted as the mastermind behind the AMIA attack, Argentina Representatives of the Israeli Associations (DAIA) revealed it “Absolute Denial” To the attitude of the Argentine Ambassador in Managua, Daniel Capitanich, People like Resoy attended the ceremony Daniel Ortega He became the country’s president for the fifth time.

In a letter of condemnation sent to the Chancellor Santiago Cafiro, He had access Nation, The leadership of the political establishment of the Jewish community expressed its rejection. “Our full condemnation of the conduct of our ambassador to Nicaragua, Daniel Capitanic, is not only in the presence of one of the Argentine judges, Mohsen Rezai, who was charged with involvement in the attack on him. He did not leave the place eitherr “.

Mohsen Resai, on Interpol’s Most Wanted page

“It is completely unacceptable that the Argentine ambassador, with his help and inaction, supported a crime such as being accused by an Argentine judge and weighs an Interpol arrest warrant for his involvement in the terrorist attack in Buenos Aires.” The head of the organization wrote, George Noblovitz, And his secretary Alejandro Zuchowicki, In the letter.

He added: “The Argentine Foreign Ministry has not filed any complaint or asked the Nicaraguan government to implement Interpol’s mechanisms to arrest Reza, but the Argentine ambassador shared the action and did not comment. At the same time, Capitoni’s accusation of ignorance about the Iranian vice president’s criminal background for economic affairs, which is suspected to be the main reason for the killing of 85 people on Argentine soil, is unacceptable.

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“To those who have been revealed, DAIA holds Ambassador Capitanic responsible for this serious incident We also regret the negligence and irresponsibility of the victims of the 1994 terrorist attacks. “