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FIFA Gate Practice Guide: 7 Keys to Understanding the Case That Rocked the World of Football

A file photo of the FIFA logo at the company’s headquarters in Zurich. Sep 26, 2017. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

May 27, 2015, marked the culmination of the trial, which was later convened FIFA gate. Several senior officials at the mother house of world football were arrested years after the election, revealing a conspiracy of bribery and rigged contracts. Russia And Qatar Like the 2018 and 2022 World Cup venues. A few days after the eighth anniversary of these raids in various areas ZurichThese are the most important keys to a protected witness case Alejandro Barzaco He will know the punishment this Friday.

A corruption conspiracy is behind allegations of venue-fixing in past World Cups Chuck Blazer As a person who started collaborating with fbi In the first particulars of the case. The United States Department of Justice gathered all the evidence and, for the first time, scored Formally Russia and Qatar have to pay bribes. According to the special journalist Ken BenzingerThere were Latin American leaders who received millions of dollars to vote for these two countries.

“Several executive committee members were bribed with their votes attached. For example, Ricardo Teixeira, Nicolás Leoz and Co-conspirator 1 received money in exchange for their votes in favor of Qatar.to host the 2022 World Cup,” a lawyer’s filing said. It should be noted that the identity of “co-conspirator 1” has never been released, although the information contained in the file points against Julio Humberto Crondona, Late President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and former Vice President of FIFA.

Besides, Texeira I will become President of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). From 1989 to 2012. Five years after he left, he was banned for life FIFA After finding guilty of acceptance Improper payments Television companies sought to retain the rights to CONMEBOL matches. At 75, he remains in Brazil and has no extradition treaty with the United States.

In the same tune, Paraguayan Nicolás Leos was president of the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) between 1986 and 2013.. He left the organization in the early 2000s after he was accused of accepting bribes from companies that wanted to televise matches owned by the confederation he chaired. Died in 2019 in ParaguayWhile under house arrest and fighting extradition to the United States.

According to the file, Julio Crondona was designated as “co-conspirator 1.”
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As against the other directors, the court summarily states: “Furthermore, Defendant Jake Warner was promised bribes totaling $5,000,000 and Rafael Salgueiro was promised $1,000,000 in exchange for his pro-Russian votes.to host the 2018 World Cup.” WarnerFrom Trinidad and Tobago, became Vice-President and Member of the FIFA Executive Committee, President of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Football (Concacaf) and the Caribbean Soccer Union, and Concacaf was sued by Concacaf to pay US$79,000,000 due to “unfair, fraudulent and illegal practices”.. On the other hand, SalgueroThe former Guatemalan football president and former member of FIFA’s executive committee pleaded guilty to bribery in December 2018 in US courts, which are conducting the investigation.

The prosecution has also alleged Two former Century Fox executives. On the one hand, Hernán López is accused of paying millions of dollars in bribes to get the rights to broadcast the World Cup and other prestigious matches.when Carlos Martinez He pleaded not guilty last March. Both were in charge of the company’s business in Latin America.

All these allegations occurred in the framework of historic elections for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, as no two such elections were held at the same time. From that executive meeting, it was pointed out that there were many European confederations like the British. Black money in votes.

The entire investigation is being conducted by the US Attorney. Loretta LynchBut another voice involved is that of the New York attorney Richard Donoghue: “Allegations spread Reflects the prosecution’s commitment to rooting out corruption at the highest levels of international football and in institutions committed to the promotion and transmission of sport”.

The North American government has charged a total of 45 people, including several sports companies, with more than 90 crimes, including paying or accepting payments. $200 million in bribes. Among those defendants, Eight people died, with more than 20 people pleading guilty, each of the pending convictions took years to complete. A dozen are still in their countries, where they have been prosecuted by a local judge or are at large as they fight extradition. On the contrary, the former president of Brazilian football Jose Maria Marin and former president of Conmebol, Paraguayan Juan Angel Nabutwere discovered Guilty and Punishment to imprisonment. Former President of Peruvian Football, Manuel Barcawas released.

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7 Keys to Understanding FIFA Gateway

1 – “Mole”

Chuck Blazer was the tip of the wool ball. The American was president of his country’s confederation, general secretary of Concacaf and a member of FIFA’s executive committee until 2013. He was suspended by his parent company that year. Illegal money On behalf of Concacaf. In turn, a judge in his country investigated money-laundering schemes involving bribes in exchange for television rights to the most important tournaments held in North American territory. Overwhelmed by the evidence, Blazer He agreed to cooperate with the FBI with Record of meetings with FIFA leaders. This made it easier to gather evidence that included a variety of names among chiefs and merchants.. Calculation of bribe amount is around 150 million dollars. Blazer passed away in July 2017.

Chuck Blazer passed away in July 2017. (AFP Photo / Peter Kohlmi)

2 – Dawn raids and arrests in Switzerland

On May 27, 2015, at various luxury hotels in Zurich, Seven senior FIFA officials were arrested and there are a total of 14 defendants. Five of them are merchants; Three, Argentina: The CEO of Matches and Competitions, Alejandro Burzaco, and Hugo and Mariano Jinkis of Full Play were later convicted of bribery related to matches related to Copa America or World Cup qualification.. At the same time, Concacaf headquarters in the United States checked in on what was happening in Switzerland.

3 – Earthquake is placed in the FIFA election

The arrests and searches took place during FIFA congress activities that coincided with the elections Joseph Blatter sought re-election. From Michel Platini, the president of UEFA, to heads of state such as François Hollande (France) and David Cameron (Great Britain), they asked for the postponement of the elections. However, on May 29, the election was held anyway Blatter was re-elected. Three days later, he bowed to pressure and announced his resignation in February 2016. That date was brought forward as a Swiss judge opened criminal proceedings against him in September and in October. FIFA suspended him for 90 days. Platini, the main candidate to succeed him, was also suspended for receiving a “”.Unreasonable charge”. FIFA recently returned to normalcy with elections appointing Gianni Infantino as its new president.

Gianni Infantino has been FIFA president since February 2016 (REUTERS/Cesar Olmedo)

4 – Mental illness in South America and Concacaf due to new arrests

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The prisoners continued to “collaborate” and the network focused more on Latin America. US Attorney Loretta Lynch pointed out 16 new managers of the football world in the corruption network, all from our continent. They were arrested on December 3 CONMEBOL President Juan Angel Nabout and CONCACAF President Alfredo Havit Banegas. Besides, Argentina Jose Luis Meissner, the secretary of the South American organization, left his post and called for an international crackdown. At that time, the name Julio Crondona as “Co-Conspirator 1”. In the investigation of FIFA gate.

6 – After two years, the first sentence

On October 25, 2017, the first sentence came: Hector TrujilloFormer secretary general of football in Guatemala sentenced in New York Eight months imprisonment. After a week, Banks of ThakasThe manager from the Cayman Islands received a penalty 15 months for money laundering and bribery.

7 – Alejandro Barzaco’s role in the dock of the accused

Former CEO of Competitions and Competitions, Alejandro BarzacoThe judge’s verdict will be heard on Friday Pamela Senof the Eastern District of New York. The former manager pleaded guilty Conspiracy, Fraud Conspiracy and Money Laundering Conspiracy Retrieved November 16, 2015 $21,600,000 Dollars, according to Justice Department officials. The maximum punishment for these offenses is 60 years imprisonment, but his testimony as a penitent may reduce that sentence. In fact, the information provided in the two trials so far has been significant, involving various leaders of the AFA and Conmebol. Julio Crondona, Nicolas Leos, Romer Ozuna, Jose Luis Meisner, Eduardo DeLuca and Eugenio Figueredo. Beyond the South American leg, he added Leos, Grondona and Teixeira They received money from Qatar to vote for the last World Cup election. Another 20 are awaiting sentencing FIFA gateA lifelong stain case on the ball.

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