June 2, 2023

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An uneasy bond, confusing symptoms and suggestive comparison

Few remember the neo-Coalist run in the 2002 French elections, except those who know its significance in history. Jacques Chirac He scored only two-and-a-half points higher than the leader of the French far-right. Jean Marie Le Pen, and was relegated to the second round. Outside the polls, Socialist Lionel Jospin was far behind.

It was like that The French fear the victory of the far right Above all the left and the center closed their noses and eyes, and in a tacit agreement, they voted Chirac president in that 2002 election. Banners read “Vote corrupt but not fascist” in reference to the legal cases Chirac faced against Le Pen’s ideological positions.

A number of foreign governments have noted Clarion With that election in France, and a president-elect, Argentinians wonder what kind of decision they might make in October. Javier MileyHe asks to defeat the “corrupt” “caste” with his style.

Economist and deputy, as he was able to verify Clarion Among the many conversations he had with ambassadors and representatives of all regions was a “It’s still awkward to join his regular round of conversations with candidates. Not that Miley hasn’t dealt with foreign diplomats who want to hear from her.

Ambassadors from the United States, Italy, India, Japan, Israel and Korea could hear him speak, as did he alone at lunches with business groups and as one of the speakers at the Lao Lao Hotel summit. from the south.

But the economist polls did not reveal the possibility for the president.

Now, foreign diplomats admit he is “an uncomfortable figure” because of his sharp verbal jabs at politics, which remind him of populist leaders both left and right. And almost directly to those who are not liked in the international community of democratic board Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, Miley said at the time, who she recognized. Lula da Silva’s own predecessor recently said he would vote for Mili instead of Patricia Bulrich.

Javier Miele is an embarrassing figure for many embassies.
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Lula, in turn, wants the rise of figures like Bolsonaro and Miley – whom he identifies as far-right and anti-democratic – to be the subject of discussion at his US summit on May 30, to which Alberto Fernandez and others , have been invited. Presidents.

Miley is having an affair with the son of the former president of Brazil Eduardo Bolsonaro, who doesn’t shy away from appearing in public with weapons of war and has disqualified Alberto Fernandez’s son, that too in a violent scene. Other mirrors in which the libertarian reflected at the time were sharper Spanish far right who had his moment with Vox.

Both Joe Biden and Lula da Silva, aiming to speak to their own voters, have warned against the rise of the undemocratic far right. It is the climate that trains its ambassadors in different capitals. In addition, a tide must be taken into account Left-wing governments in Latin America And Social Democrats in Europe. Miley rejects them and they do not communicate with him. Argentina’s two main strategic allies have little to do with China.

So, while pre-selectors usually hang out with pre-candidates for breakfast and lunch, some prefer to “wait” until June or August, when the lists are finalized and passed, to meet the independent.

But undoubtedly, the Miley’s popularity is debated Among the representatives of all foreign organizations recognized in Argentina, including those from neighboring countries, some of them are “running away” from Gabriel Boric. Others, like the Uruguayans, are indifferent for now. But Milei is a reference in newspapers and magazines around the world.

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He talked about that and other experiences Clarion With guests at the residence of the Ambassador of the European Union, Amador Sánchez Rico, on Tuesday the 9th. The Ambassador was among other things with his speech to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the 73rd integration of the European continent.

Javier Millay and Eduardo Bolsonaro.  Photo capture
Javier Millay and Eduardo Bolsonaro. Photo capture

“We celebrate enlargement, economic integration, unity inside and outside the European Union, respect for freedom and human rights and above all a peace process within our borders,” said Sánchez Rico, adding that other guests included diplomatic corps, politicians and figures from culture and business.

One of them admitted it Even among Europeans Milei was a figure of debate Because there were 27 governments that “wanted nothing to do with the matter” and others preferred to wait to call him. Others include her media “personality” and how popular she is among the youth.

For example, as one ambassador commented, his plans to dollarize the economy did not change, but his While explaining how he was going to impose threats. Further He insults politiciansHis fierce anger when hearing something that might be controversial, or his ultra-libertarian proposals for selling organs that are not understood or well explained.

But one aspect respected by all, at least the messengers consulted from the western orbit, Miley criticizes Vladimir PutinHe became an enemy of Europe and America after the invasion of Ukraine.

As he learned, another problem was caution ClarionMiley’s running mate for the vice presidency, his uncritical stance on state terrorism in Argentina, Victoria Villaruel. Governments look at all of this when they sit down to listen to candidates, and it’s not necessarily exclusive, they agreed.

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