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Final Fantasy fans were shocked as XVI developers listed the best games in the series

Final Fantasy fans were shocked as XVI developers listed the best games in the series

In a recent interview with IGNthree Final Fantasy XVI The directors revealed the top three positions Final Fantasy games of all time. Surprisingly, none of the directors’ choices included fan-favorite titles like the mega-popular Final Fantasy VII. Instead, the developers allocated deep cutscenes Final Fantasy It’s not often discussed online among fans as the best game in the long-running fantasy RPG series.

Final Fantasy XVI A favorite of Creative Director Kazutoyo Maehiro FF Games (in ascending order) Final Fantasy XIIAnd Final Fantasy TacticsAnd Final Fantasy V.

Mihiro narrated the gameplay FFV As a student and being amazed by the battle system and its “amazing articulation,” Square Enix was able to pull off with the pixel art of the game back on the Super NES. But its selling forever FFV His all-time favorite FF game was a scene at the end of the game where he watched doves fly across the landscape when he first beat the game.

“You could even say that I decided to make games because I saw that scene,” Mihiro said. IGN. “It made a huge impression on me, along with the rest of the polished game. It’s a solid No. 1 for me.”

Square Enix / Stormspirit 86

since FFV Not really a favorite in the same way here as it was in Japan, here’s a little refresher on the game. FFV A tramp follows his name Bartz Who, when investigating the crash site of a fallen meteorite, joins a group of heroes. The crew tries to prevent the corruption of powerful elemental crystals from the game’s opponent, xdeath. FFV Pixel Remasterwhich was released in 2021 on PC and in April on Nintendo Switch, received a Metacritic score from 82 and a user score of 7.7.

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With this in mind, Ryota Suzuki, FFXVI Fighting Director, his favorite games Final Fantasy VAnd Final Fantasy XAnd Final Fantasy III. When Suzuki was in elementary school, he said he couldn’t wait to come home from elementary school every day just so he could play more. Final Fantasy.

“[FFIII] It was the first game I tested in the latest fantasy series. play [FFIII] “It made me understand the appeal of RPGs as a genre,” said Suzuki. “With aspects such as the ability to change jobs, Final Fantasy III is synonymous with RPG for me. “

When asked which Final Fantasy His favorite games were FFXVI Director Hiroshi Takai responded by saying that his top three favorites in ascending order are Final Fantasy XAnd Final Fantasy VIAnd Final Fantasy V.

No. 1 is final fantasy v,Takai said IGN. Partly because it was the first Final Fantasy I participated in as a developer. But I like the game because of its combat system. It’s a solid No. 1 for me inside FF series.”

Takai said he loved it FFXAnd ffvi For its high levels of polish and sophistication, Square Enix has managed to capture the “ultimate pixel art.” Final Fantasyon the Super NES, respectively.

As far as this can be reflected in sixteen-I’ve played all FF “There may be some influences there,” Takai said. “I think that sixteen share something Fifth In the way players can freely customize abilities to create their own main characters.

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Square Enix

Final Fantasy FAnswer feedback on FFVhigh ranking

IGNThe comment section of the video on YouTube is filled with responses from fans raising the bar for the developers to list FFV as their best game in the series.

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“The truth of all three included FFV The first three says a lot about her. If the game had been released abroad in ’92, it would probably have been the favorite of many,” commented Mizu 64.

Glad to see all the love Fifth. People should stop sleeping FifthIt’s one of the best RPGs ever,” wrote Anthony.

“I love seeing FFV Get a lot of love, is underrated, but honestly is such a great VI imo,” PK Starstorm replied.

Final Fantasy XVI It officially releases on June 22nd on PlayStation 5.