July 19, 2024

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Former ‘Howard Stern Show’ Writer Alyssa Jordana Pleads Guilty in Boyfriend Assault Case

Former ‘Howard Stern Show’ Writer Alyssa Jordana Pleads Guilty in Boyfriend Assault Case

Former “Howard Stern Show” writer Eliza Jordana has pleaded guilty to assault and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after she was caught beating her then-boyfriend on a YouTube livestream.

Jordana, 35, entered into a plea agreement after footage of a violent fight with her boyfriend, Bahram Alipour, went viral in April. TMZ It has been reported.

The saga, which was caught on camera, erupted when Jordana was filming the live stream – titled ‘not doing good“- While driving in Palm Beach, Florida.

Eliza Jordana, 35, accepted a plea deal after footage of the violent altercation with her boyfriend went viral. Eliza Jordana/Instagram

In the moments leading up to the physical altercation, Jordana tearfully claimed her partner had sent thousands of dollars to another woman.

Jordana – who describes herself on social media as the “real-life livestream queen” – was then filmed hitting her boyfriend in the arm before hitting him several more times.

“Don’t talk about it badly!” she shouted at one point after slapping her partner in the face.

“You almost broke my nose,” Alipoor could be heard replying, adding, “Go to hell, you filthy bastard.”

The story broke when Jordana was filming the livestream — titled “Doing No Good” — while driving in Palm Beach, Florida, with her boyfriend, Bahram Alipour. Eliza Jordana/Prism Life
Jordana was arrested and charged with felony assault by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Eventually, Alipour was seen pulling Jordana by the hair before forcing her out of the car.

Jordana was arrested by Palm Beach police deputies and charged with felonious assault a few hours later.

As part of her plea deal, Jordana received 12 months’ probation and was ordered to perform 45 hours of community service, according to TMZ.

The video ended with her boyfriend pulling Jordana by her hair before forcing her out of the car. Eliza Jordana/Prism Life
“I just want to say that I’m so sorry for what I captured on the live stream that everyone saw,” Jordana said as she apologized for the ordeal. Rommel Dimano/Film Magic

The judge also forces her to receive any treatment recommendations made after her mental health evaluation, according to the report.

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She later apologized for the saga, saying it was filled with “sadness and anger.”

“This is not what I want to present to the world, and it’s unfortunate that I went into such sadness and anger – it was a really negative representation of my personality.”

“I’m going to do everything I can to have better relationships with the people who help me, and the people who help me,” she said at the time, adding that her situation was “the most challenging time of my life.”