July 13, 2024

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France: Far-right far from winning outright majority | According to a Harris Interactive survey

France: Far-right far from winning outright majority |  According to a Harris Interactive survey

The far-right National Rally (RN) will be far from an absolute majority in the second round of French elections. Sunday, because it will reach 190 to 200 seatsAccording to the first poll released Wednesday by consulting firm Harris Interactive, after candidates from other parties largely withdrew.


The RN will come first but will be far from the 289 delegates needed to secure an outright majority. The New Popular Front (NFP) will get 159-183 delegates, while the Macronist bloc will get 110-136. and conservative Los Republicanos from 30 to 50. The survey indicated that other parties and candidates (regionalists, various independents) would have between 17 and 31 representatives.

This is the first demographic survey of voting intentions released since the deadline to submit candidates for the runoff closed Tuesday afternoon. At the end of that period, there was 218 resignations The candidates, almost all from the left or Macronists, dropped out in favor of another candidate against a far-right contender..

The National Rally and its allies won the first round of legislative elections on June 30 with a third of the vote, followed by the NFP with 28% and the ruling coalition with 20%. Analysts cautioned that accurate seat projections will be difficult to achieve at this new stage, but if the RN recorded such a weak result, it is a sign that one of his opponents’ strategy to build a so-called republican front against him has succeeded. New opinion polls to be released in the next couple of days and their predictions on the distribution of seats may or may not confirm this downward trend of the RN in the face of its rivals’ strategy.

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Meanwhile, the President in the ruling party Emmanuel Macron Rejected Electoral concessions to the Left will open a door to a second round of assembly elections Coalition government with members of La Francia Insumisa (LFI).Competition Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which until a few days ago was placed on the same level of extremism as the far right. Macron has said in the cabinet that he will not co-govern with the LFI if the far-right RN does not have an absolute majority. “Electoral resignations do not mean a coalition,” the president said, leaking to the press after the meeting.

In the same vein, the Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, in a post published on the social network X, stressed that there is no alliance with the LFI and will never be. Despite everything, Atal and other political dreamers, etc Former Socialist President François Hollande or conservative Xavier Bertrand (president of the Hauts-de-France region), have stressed the need to create an emergency understanding in the last few hours..

Called the Grand Coalition by some, the Provisional Government by others, or the Republican Front elsewhere, this understanding seeks to prevent the RN from coming to power and create an alternative force where no other group can achieve a majority. However, until we know the balance of power each group will have after Sunday’s vote, this lack of definition appears deliberate.

The parties of the left-wing New Popular Front hope that the prime minister should go to one of their own because they will have the largest number of representatives, while the Macronist camp seeks to consolidate its current presence in the administration.

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“We know Le Pen is lying”

Besides, The French government has accused AN leader Marine Le Pen of manipulating information into complaints of an executive coup involving last-minute appointments of senior officials in the administration.According to the far-right leader, a possible blockade should be avoided after the parliamentary elections.

“We knew that Marine Le Pen was lying and now we know that she is manipulating information,” said Prisca Thévenot, an administration spokeswoman. The AN deputy minister had said that the last cabinet saw more appointments than usual, while Thévenot pointed out that an average of less than a dozen appointments were accepted in meetings of this type.

This list contains some positions related to Defense Forces Le Pen argued that Macron wanted to change the leadership of the police. The AN representative referred to unspecified rumors to warn of Macron’s fear of co-existing with an unrelated government. “For people who teach democracy lessons to the whole world, it’s amazing,” he said in an interview. “After the democratic impulse he had by calling early parliamentary elections, and his defeat in the European elections on June 9, he is now doing everything possible to block the democratic process,” he added.

Chief Minister Atal rejected a possible change of directors of police or gendarmerie and He accused Le Pen of a form of contempt for the normal functioning of government. In this sense, he recalled that last week he had already questioned the role of the President as military chief.