December 8, 2023

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Shocking video: Police hunt down shooter who killed 8 people

Shocking video: Police hunt down shooter who killed 8 people

The police officer was talking to a mother and her children when the shooting started. After grabbing his gun from the patrol car, he goes in search of the shooter and executes him.

Today is 18:23

The film begins with two children and a mother talking to a police officer.. The video was recorded on a camera carried by a police officer from Allen, Texas, USA.

The incident took place on May 6., but this video was only released to the public. Other videos of the attack from the same day were circulated, but the perspective of the officer involved was revealed only after an investigation into the use of lethal force was completed.

The video continues with the official Allan Premium Outlets runs through the mall’s parking lotWhile he orders buyers to leave the premises or seek shelter, he radios instructions to colleagues and head office.

While progressing, they keep hearing shots in the background and the officer “Shots. Shots. We have people running. He then grabs his gun and yells at the crowd, “Move!” And heading towards the views.

The video was edited by the police to blur the faces of civilians and victims, and some language was removed.
About four minutes after the recording began, the officer raised his gun and shot the assailant., who was later identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia. After he fires a few more times, all is quiet for the first time since the disturbing video began.

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“Police shooting. I shot him down!” The officer fires two more times, “Drop the gun!” Five minutes after the shooting began, the officer shot and killed Garcia. Another officer approaches Garcia’s body, and the officer who ended the mass shooting says: “We got it, bro… we got it.”

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Garcia killed 8 and wounded 7 more When he launched his deadly attack. On June 26, the Texas Rangers and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office presented evidence to the grand jury. After reviewing the evidence, they ruled that the use of force was justified under Texas law.