April 13, 2024

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France was the first country in the world to enshrine the right to abortion in its constitution

France was the first country in the world to enshrine the right to abortion in its constitution

France's representatives and senators, meeting in a joint session, adopted this Monday Abortion registration majority in constitutionA reform they considered “historic”.

In total, 780 of the 925 members of parliament approved the constitutional reform, which would replace Article 34 of the Magna Carta. “Women guaranteed freedom to terminate pregnancy voluntarily”.

A plan sent by President Emmanuel Macron to protect that right is under threat in other countries, It received huge popular support and received the support of all political partiesRight without reservations on the left and more conditionally on the extreme right.

Only 72 delegates voted against According to Prime Minister Gabrielle Attal, the reform makes France the first country to constitutionalize abortion, a reform that aims to inspire others and serve as a basis for women's struggle around the world.

“French Pride, Global News”The president wrote on the social network X that he could not attend the legislative debates due to the legal ban.

Macron announced a large ceremony in front of the Justice Ministry next Friday, coinciding with International Women's Rights Day, where for the first time in history the public will be able to attend the promulgation of a law by a president.

An explosion of joy was felt in the Trocadero square in front of the Eiffel TowerNext to the Human Rights Monument, hundreds of abortion defenders gathered in front of a giant screen broadcasting the congressional session.

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“My body, my will,” he wrote A famous Parisian monument To mark this “historic” progress of the country.

Although abortion is currently out of the question in France, several political leaders have spoken out. More than eight out of ten French people support its inscription in the constitutionIt may be in the future and introducing it into Magna Carta makes it difficult to review.

He gave examples of what happened in other countries. In countries like USA, Poland, Hungary or ArgentinaThere they promised that President Javier Mili was preparing to abolish the right to abortion.

Although most far-right representatives voted in favor of the reform, Its leaders set a contrasting note that dayConsidering it a ploy by the President to cover up his parliamentary weakness.

“We are going to vote on this constitutionalization because it is not a problem for us, But from there we have to talk about a historic day. “This is a day exploited by Emmanuel Macron for his own glory,” the far-right leader said. Marine Le Pen.

Its MPs argued that “nothing has changed with this reform” and promised that “many abortions could be avoided with better sex counseling for women and more financial support for pregnant women”.

Some conservative members of parliament expressed doubts that the adopted reform would infringe on the freedom of doctors who object to abortion on grounds of conscience.

But the majority of legislators considered the day “historic,” a step forward in the feminist struggle and a victory in the battle for abortion opponents.

Source: EFE

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