February 2, 2023

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George Masvidal blasts ‘Cannes’ Daniel Cormier for suggesting Leon Edwards refuse to fight him, Cormier replies

George Masvidal blasts 'Cannes' Daniel Cormier for suggesting Leon Edwards refuse to fight him, Cormier replies

Jorge Masvidal Nothing is too pleased Daniel Cormier.

in UFC 278And the Leon Edwards Become the new UFC Welterweight Champion With the return of the fifth round by knockout From Camaro Usman. after winning, Masvidal was quick to suggest that he should get his first shot at the welterweight title for EdwardsCormier rejected this idea.

“Brother, don’t fight him,” Cormier said. DC & RC turns out. “Because for two years, when he was a guy, he couldn’t pronounce your name. Now it’s suddenly like ‘If you become the champ’, he wants to put this thing down and finish it? Jorge Masvidal shouldn’t fight. He should literally be content with the big league and not even say his name.” So why do you when a guy sneaks up on you backstage but then never fights you? Now all of a sudden, you’re the guy and he wants to fight you.

“I like Jorge Masvidal so much. He’s a really good guy, but he’s like, ‘Come on, Jorge. We have to do better than that.'”

masvidal Edwards attacked badly behind the scenes in UFC London In 2019, Edwards repeatedly called for a fight to settle the incident, but Masvidal pursued other bouts instead, including two shots on Usman, but failed both times. Earlier this year, Masvidal said he would welcome a fight with Edwards Thus, it is not surprising that the champion of “BMF” did not appreciate Cormier’s position. On Wednesday, Masvidal posted a response to Cormier on its social media, calling the former Serie A champion “was” and noting that Cormier’s stance against Masvidal was personal.

“I guess you still hurt me because I didn’t do the interview you requested on your poor YouTube channel during Fight Week. I know you need my name to produce some kind of views since Ariel [Helwani] He went solo and became. Just make sure when Dana calls and tells you to promote the biggest fight the current champion can have in the department that is me, put on your best DXL suit and make sure you do what works for you. [sic] He said like a good boy. Maybe you will get a reward from your master #reasonpeoplewatchonmute #fakelifecoach #brokeadvice

Cormier responded to Masvidal’s tweets, stating that Masvidal’s manager Malki Kawa had already posted them, and that Masvidal should fight back. Gilbert Burns If he wants to get another title shot.

“Hey Jorge, you’ve always been the guy, Malik. Stay away from his page. I stand by what you said. You don’t get unlimited title fights, Malki, beat Durinho to get 1-3 in the last 4 and maybe get a title shot. See To my landlord now you made me disrespect my friend Jorge

While it’s hard to imagine Masvidal earning a title in a losing streak of three fights, “Gamebred” indicates it wouldn’t be entirely without precedent, a reference to the time Michael Bisping He defended his middleweight title against the 13th seed Dan HendersonAll because of a personal beef between the two.

“I remember a time when the England champion wanted a certain fight and told the UFC what he wanted and made it happen. The rookies won’t know what I’m talking about but the real ones know”

While Masvidal has not won a fight since the TKO victory in Nate Diaz In 2019, he is still ninth in the UFC welterweight rankings, four times ahead of Henderson when he claimed the championship title. However, rivalry seems unlikely as UFC president Dana White Already looking for places in England to host a three-way match Between Edwards and Osman.

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