February 29, 2024

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Germany: The ‘traffic lights’ coalition to define Angela Merkel’s successors is moving forward with confusion over who will take over a key ministry

Listen to the co-chairs of the German Greens, Robert Habeck and Anna Lena Berbaugh, and Olaf Scholes, the main candidate for the Social Democratic presidency, and Christian Lindner, leader of the Liberal Democrats (Photo: REUTERS / Annegret Hilse)

The Possible government coalition of Social Democrat Olaf Scholes They will enter into a formal round of talks with confusion over who will accept the finance ministryLiberals and Greens want it, not just nationally, What the country represents to Europe.

The leadership of the German Liberal Party (FDP) approved it Initiation of formal coalition negotiationsYesterday, after they did on Sunday, the environmental expert party, in the form of an almost unanimous and reduced Congress, and On the 15th he received the approval of the Social Democratic leadership.

“We are on the way to accepting responsibilities in Germany”, Said the FDP leader Christian Lindner, While announcing the decision taken by his party. Assumes an initial agreement approved by the three organizations involved “An Opportunity to Modernize Germany”, But a “challenge”.

Lindner said this was not a “desired coalition”, he made clear during the election campaign and after the Social Democratic victory in the general election. His preferred option was an alliance with the defeated Conservative Alliance They took the lead in these elections Armin Lashed.

“We will not have a left-wing twist, but a federal government.”, He promised, “above the pre-agreement, they stand.”Big differences“And they will continue “In the future”.

Lindner, who abandoned the president’s efforts in 2017 Angela Merkel In order to form a trio with the Liberals and the Greens, he “considered” the situation now.Very different“And pointed out”Creative climate“The first ballot with the Greens was achieved from contacts.

Olaf Scholes Leads Candidate for Next President of Germany (Photo: REUTERS / Michele Tantussi)
Olaf Scholes Leads Candidate for Next President of Germany (Photo: REUTERS / Michele Tantussi)

Call Traffic Light Alliance -By the colors identified by all three parties, Red For SPD, Yellow To FDP and Verde For environmentalists – this is the practice Possible option only After the September 26 general election results.

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The Social Democrats, who received 25.7%, the Greens – with 14.8% – and the Liberals – with 11.5% – must have the parliamentary majority they need. Lachet’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU -CSU) won the worst result in a national election – 24.1% – and sank into an internal struggle for renewal.

Lindner declined to answer the key question of who would receive the funding, arguing that it had already been done by Shoals and Greens co-chairman Robert Habek. The distribution of portfolios will be resolved in the last phase once the contents are defined.

The Liberal leader had already made clear in the campaign his intention to occupy that portfolio. His direct rival in that pulse is Habek, who defends taxes against the FDP in tax matters.

Lindner was able to impose his maximum in the preliminary agreement There will be no tax hike, One of his red lines to enter government, as well as the security of austerity. Habeb questions the debt break and considers it to loosen the stability agreement by the extraordinary burdens created by the corona virus infection.

The agreement, which opens next Friday before formal negotiations open, includes goals that are inseparable from three potential partners: SPD’s professional minimum wage increase, green energy change for environmentalists – and zero funding increase for FDP. But there are some concessions, such as imposing a general speed limit on roads and highways as the Greens want.

Liberal Party leader Christian Lindner wants to be finance minister (Photo: REUTERS / Annegret Hils)
Liberal Party leader Christian Lindner wants to be finance minister (Photo: REUTERS / Annegret Hils)

Lindner today stressed the need to maintain the rule of secrecy, which is essential for the successful conclusion of negotiations. However, he slipped himself this weekend Plan to create a climate ministry, Which was quickly interpreted as a “concession” to the Greens or an involvement of the Liberals in holding the funds.

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The only position clearly appointed was that of finance minister and deputy chancellor in the last major coalition. Angela Merkel. For the post of foreign leader, he is being considered along with the Green Party candidate and the party’s co-chairman Habek. Annalena Barbach.

The Chancellor was responding today to a question about the possibility of making the stability agreement more flexible with a possible phrase from Lindner. In an appearance with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Petal, he said, “The stability agreement already provides enough margins.”

“I am not very interested in the possibility of changing that,” the German chancellor continued. “It has adequate instructions and is flexible enough in the face of problems such as those created by infection“, Agreed box.

“The next government needs to deal with this issue properly.”Merkel insisted.

(With information from EFE)

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