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Dollar Today: How Much is Blue and Officer Price on Monday, October 18th?

Dollar Today: How Much is Blue and Officer Price on Monday, October 18th?

The Dollar The officer cites this Monday, October 18 $ 98.50 and up to purchase $ 104.50 Screen for sale Bank From Nation Argentina (PNA), up 50 cents from the previous day.

For his part, Blue dollar Operates at $ 183 per purchase For sale for $ 186 In Buenos Aires. That’s one Less than 50 centsAfter raising 2 pesos in the previous week. The market focus continues in the parallel segment New restrictions It was imposed by the government to curb financiers and official market interventions that would create a continuous fall in central bank reserves for several days.

At the end of September, the informal price a Maximum per year, $ 187.50 and, even without the new restrictions, the The researchers already expected the gap to be under pressure.

For his part, Unity dollar Or reach the tourist dollar For sale $ 172.43. This is the value that should be guided when receiving foreign currency for savings or making transactions (purchase of goods or services credit card Or debit) abroad.

This is the sum of the official dollar prices Country tax (30%) and Retention of 35% due to advance payment of income. So far in 2021, the retail dollar shows a 17.1% increase.

Section Wholesaler, The Central Bank (BCRA) Verification Ten coins rise Up to $ 99.28. In this sense, the Transfer interval Between the business dollar and the blue where it is located 87.34%. In the previous STEP, the distance was extended to access Maximum of the year, 92%, which touched July.

Thus, the Total dollars Accumulating a 18% increase so far this year. Since March, a Moderating the currency devaluation rate At the official exchange rate, officials expect to do this Anchor For that Swelling.

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This Friday, the central bank Acquired US $ 30 million In the market, thanks to the reduction in demand created by the latest measures. Then $ 950 million loss In September, there is a stock so far in October Buyer By Some US $ 310 million.

Sources in the Monetary Authority said the sale of last month’s reserves was explained Importers need foreign exchange, For both entry and energy transfer of capital goods and inputs. Hence, the power of money Implemented changes in advance payments Buying overseas, after discovering significant differences between the dollars issued in the last four months and the goods entered.

The company, led by Miguel Bezos, was already anticipating Sales began at the end of August, Will continue in October and November. “By December, once the good harvest begins, the PCRA will regain the ability to buy foreign currency in the exchange market,” the agency’s sources said.

Another item that explains the fall in reserves is payments to international companies. The last blow was seen on Wednesday 22 September The government provided $ 1.9 billion to the IMF. That day, reservation About $ 2 billion fell.

BCRA funds imposed new restrictions on the dollar and responded with an increase in blue. (Photo: Composition).

In connection with it Financial optionsThey operate on a small scale due to current restrictions. Although they were high in most rounds, they ended with small movements due to the intervention of official bodies in the public securities market.

On the official screens, The Calculated with fluids (CCL) fell 1.22% $ 179.97. In this way, it accumulates a profit of 28.3% per annum.

What is the dollar calculated with fluids? This is the exchange rate that arises from the process of allowing investors to “hoard” foreign exchange to buy Argentine papers in the local market and sell them abroad.

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For his part, Dollar Mep Pi Operates and reaches 0.4% increase $ 178.46. As a result, it improves by 2% in October and 27.5% year-on-year. it is a Financial transfer rate It works similarly to “counted with liquid” but allows deposited banknotes to be deposited locally.

In the meantime, Unrestricted sections The value of the U.S. bill soared this Friday. According to data collected by operator Leonardo Svirsky, Senipi dollar He earned between 75 cents and $ 194.50. For its part, the exchange rate obtained by trading the shares of Argentina listed in New York increased by $ 1.05 and closed at $ 195.30.

The price of the dollar in the last 30 days

The historical price of the dollar

Euro today: How much is the European currency in Argentina

For his part, Euro Now operating on $ 114 for purchase For sale for $ 120 At National Bank, Without changing the previous value.

EU currency includes PAIS tax and advance Profits, Its final value Split To purchase Was $ 198. For the exchange rate, you can only buy euros Amount equivalent to US $ 200.

At Parallel market Meanwhile, Buenos Aires traded at $ 211.74 to buy a European currency. For sale for $ 216.38. Thus, the gap between the official euro and the blue was reached 80.32%.