April 17, 2024

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Google Messages prevents rooted Android users from using RCS

Google Messages prevents rooted Android users from using RCS

Google is cracking down on rooted Android devices and preventing many people from using the RCS messaging feature in Google Messages. Users with rooted phones — a process that unlocks privileged access to the Android operating system, much like jailbreaking iPhones — have filed several reports about… Google Messages support page, RedditAnd XDAWeb forum for over the past few Monthsthey suddenly discovered that they were unable to send or receive RCS messages.

One example of Reddit user u/joefuf It shows that RCS messages will simply disappear after pressing the send button. Several reports also indicate that Google Messages did not provide any indication that RCS chat was no longer working, and it was still showing up as online and working in Google Messages.

In a statement sent to edge When we asked if Google was preventing rooted devices from using RCS, Google Communications Director Ivy Hunt said that the company “ensures that message issuing/receiving devices follow operating procedures defined by the RCS standard” in an effort to prevent spam and abuse. On Google messages. In other words, yes, Google blocks RCS on rooted devices.

“Google is moving between many solutions to ensure Android users are able to communicate adequately — and devices that may not have access to one communication protocol will always have at least another available,” Hunt said. “In this case, users who are unable to use the RCS service can still access SMS and MMS messages.”

Some services such as payment and banking apps, including Google Pay/Wallet, will stop working if they detect that users have rooted their devices as a security measure, but will usually provide a warning message to make it clear that the device is not supported. For users who have experienced RCS issues with Google Messages, no such warning appears to have been provided.

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