June 22, 2024

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Google's Find My Device network will go live in the next few days

Google's Find My Device network will go live in the next few days

Last year, Google and Apple announced that they had teamed up to address unwanted tracking through AirTags and other tracking devices, and are working on appropriate specifications for this purpose. Then, a few months later, Google rolled out unwanted tracking alerts on devices running Android 6.0 and later, and also held back the rollout of its Find My Device network until Apple implemented similar unwanted tracking protections in iOS.

It's taken a very long time, but now it seems like we're almost there. Google has sent an email to some Android users telling them that the long-awaited Find My Device network will launch within days.

The email specifically says “in three days,” which could mean it will go live on Sunday, or more likely, next Monday, on April 8. Here's what Google says in the email:

With the new Find My Device network, you'll be able to locate your devices even if they're offline. You can also find any compatible Fast Pair accessories when detached from your device. This includes compatible earbuds and headphones and trackers that you can attach to your wallet, keys, or bike. You will receive a notification on Android devices when this feature is turned on within 3 days. Until then, you can opt out of the network through Find My Device on the web.

You may opt out of the tracking network's capabilities early by going to this link, which was also shared in the email mentioned above — but this only works if you yourself receive such an email from Google. When you choose a setting (either leave the default Find My Network location on or opt out), note that this applies to all Android devices associated with that specific Google Account.

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If you're wondering what's behind this somewhat improvised rollout, it appears that iOS 17.5 is finally adding the unwanted tracking protections that were first discussed with Google in 2023. Google's launch timeline makes us believe that iOS 17.5 will be released next. Monday, so all the pieces of the puzzle are almost in place.