January 28, 2023

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Govt figures in the region: US most affected continent and experts urge strengthening of vaccine

The world is still mired in the corona virus crisis due to the expansion of the Omicron variant (REUTERS / Tyrone Siu).

Infectious for Corona virus Each week continues at a rapid pace, with more infections and deaths Report of 200 countries World Health Organization (WHO).

Since the onset of the corona virus outbreak in 2020, more than 456 million people have been infected with COVID-19 and 6 million have died.. Currently, the new Omicron variant is wreaking havoc in various parts of the world, such as China and Europe, where new infections are on the rise, and governments are being forced to implement isolation measures to mitigate the impact on their populations.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which exposed the health benefits of the United States region Concerns about an increase in epidemics in other parts of the world and fears that this could have repercussions on this continent.

PAHO is concerned about the increase in Govt-19 cases (Photo: Kurdosgro)
PAHO is concerned about the increase in Govt-19 cases (Photo: Kurdosgro)

“Overall, the trends for Epidemiology Week (EW) 10 (March 6-12) increased slightly in terms of cases, with more than 11.4 million cases reported. Global cases (8% increase). However, worldwide deaths continue to decline, with 42,523 deaths reported during the EW10 (down 19%). Within WHO regions, Cases increased in the West Pacific (WPRO) (28.9%), Africa (AFRO) (12.3%) and Europe (EURO) (1.9%), while they declined in all other areas (range: -23.7% to -19%).”, Explained the doctor Zarbo Barboza, PAHO Deputy Director at the press conference he attended Infobe With the intention of drawing a regional panorama before displaying the regional numbers.

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With more than 901,000 new cases reported in EW 10, COVID-19 cases continue to decline in the region for the eighth week in a row: 19% lower than EW 9. Similarly, the downward trajectory of weekly deaths continued for the fifth week, with 15,523 new deaths reported during EW 10: a decline of 18.4%. Hospital and / or ICU admission trends for Covit-19 are generally declining across the region.

In terms of deaths, All WHO regions have reported declines in the eastern Mediterranean region (EMRO) from -48.8% to -14.

Despite the increase in infections in the world in the last week, the number of deaths has decreased (REUTERS / Lam Yik)
Despite the increase in infections in the world in the last week, the number of deaths has decreased (REUTERS / Lam Yik)

As of March 15, 2022, there were approximately 149 million COVID-19 cases reported in the United States region, including 2.6 million deaths.. In the last 24 hours, 117,839 new cases and 444 deaths have been reported in the region, ”Barbosa said.

Of the 6 million deaths worldwide reported by COVID-19, 2.6 are from the Americas. “That means more deaths from the disease than on any other continent. Only 13% of the world’s population lives in the United States. கரிசா எட்டியென், The director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said in a statement a week ago.

It is a tragedy of unequal dimensions that will have consequences in the years to come. Beyond the deaths, the epidemic has devastated the health of millions of people, and many of them continue to have problems, while others are known to have them for sure. An example of this is the numerous suggestions we receive on mental health and cognitive issues. People’s anxiety rates around the world have risen by 25%, mainly among young people, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

Vaccine is a very effective tool to fight against COVID (REUTERS by Michele Tantussi / Pool)
Vaccine is a very effective tool to fight against COVID (REUTERS by Michele Tantussi / Pool)

Doctor Sylvain Altigeri, The event manager of PAHO’s COVID-19, at the same press conference where Barbosa spoke, noted that they were concerned about the progress of the corona virus in the Asia-West Pacific region. “We are concerned about an increase in epidemics in China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and other neighboring countries. In China, the incidence of infections increased by 29% in one week, while the number of deaths increased by 12% over the same period, ”the expert said.

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The Asian nation yesterday announced the detection of 3,602 local COVID cases in its territory, more than 3,000 of which are located on the border with the northeastern province of Jilin, Russia and North Korea. In addition to the eruptions in the northeast of the country, an increase in epidemics has been reported in the metropolitan areas of Shenzhen and Shanghai, with local authorities trying to stop the use of the strict zero Govt policy. Shenzhen, a southern city with a population of 17 million, was commissioned last weekend Cancellation of movement on public transport services and surroundings is prohibited after the revival leaving 551 active cases in the city. According to the latest official data.

“A scene of recurrence of infections should always be on the epidemiological radar of health officials. We must be alert to the possible emergence of new species. Continuous control of the disease is essential. As around the world we see how the Ómicron variant dominates there. We study that 62% of infections are compatible with the new BA.2 subtype. In contrast, the original variant of the virus, Omicron BA-1 இருக்கும், which is 95% in circulation in the United States region, was noted by Aldighieri.

Epidemiologists have expressed concern about slow vaccination in many American countries, especially in the Caribbean. “The most vulnerable people need to be guaranteed to get the vaccines and use them. This is a very effective tool to fight the corona virusBarbosa added.

The concern of the experts is clear. Canada (81%), Chile (90%), Uruguay and Argentina (80%), Ecuador (76%), Peru (75%) and Brazil are the countries with the highest number of people vaccinated by two doses. (70%), Jamaica (22%), Guatemala 31%, Bahamas (39%) and Paraguay (44%).

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